Excerpts from Sandra’s spiritual talk at the Sanjeevini Annual Conference, 25.05.2024

In this talk at the Sanjeevini Annual Conference 2024 of the Sanjeevini Association (see link below), I share insights and experiences from my knowledge of my work with various healing methods.

This is an excerpt from my longer speech “Education to the Higher Self and Healing” at the conference in Maria Alm on 25 May 2024 in Maria Alm in Austria. I was very pleased and grateful that I was able to be there.

In the video, you will learn about the importance of the higher self for becoming someone who acts according to the five human values effortlessly. These are: truth, right action, peace, love, and nonviolence.

The talk also shed a light on how our negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions can form blockages to our Higher Self and how we can release deep-rooted blockages from childhood through different healing modalities. I also give impulses on how we can deal with our negative emotions and establish a deeper connection to our higher self.

Please send me an email, if you are interested in the complete talk.

You can watch this video with German and English subtitles.
Content of the video (shortened from the original lecture):
00:00 Welcome and introduction
00:29 The higher self and healing emotions
02:29 About the higher self
04:09 About our personal self
05:51 Negative beliefs and examples
15:06 Accessing the subconscious
18:04 Accessing the higher self
19:38 Blessing negative emotions and closure

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