Traditional Hatha Yoga class with active heart energy meditation with Sandra | OpenYoga St. Jakob

This is a compilation of a 90-minute traditional Hatha Yoga class with Sandra, held on June 10, 2024 at OpenYoga in the beautiful St. Jakob Church in Zurich at Stauffacher. This special class includes pranayama, silent sitting and asanas to cultivate peace. We first practise in silence to feel the inner peace that comes from ourselves. Afterwards we give and receive love and peace in an active heart energy meditation. It usually lasts 60 minutes, to the CD I played, which connects you to your inner peace and carries positive energy outwards.

If you are interested in joining me for a yoga class, please get in touch.

The music used in the video is by Karunesh, Heart Chakra Meditation:

This class was organized by Béla Pete from OpenYoga: You can also find more yoga classes in St. Jakob am Stauffacher on Monday evenings there. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice in the midst of everyday life in a special environment with constantly changing and interesting yoga teachers.

You can watch this video with German and English subtitles.

00:00 Welcome and topic peace
03:01 Pranayama and sitting still
04:39 Yoga positions | Asanas
06:26 Active heart energy meditation
07:52 Shavasana (not in the video) and farewell

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