Biofield & LebensTransfer

Biofield Therapy

The Biofield Test is a reliable biophysical test procedure for the compatibility of food, environmental pollution, diagnosis of diseases and the examination of drugs and therapies for effect and priority. With Biofield Therapy the client’s healing can be supported from with distance healing.

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LebensTransfer Therapy

The LebensTransfer makes it possible to positively influence our self-healing system as well as  imbalances of consciousness. It is an energy healing modality that works remotely, just as the Biofeldtest and Biofeldtherapy. It focuses on the healing of the soul and remove emotional causes for physical conditions.

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Rates and Location

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About Sandra

Honest, competent, cordial. I can warmly recommend Sandra in every respect. She has amazed me a few times. 🍀

Mimoza Paloka
from Switzerland
aus der Schweiz

Healing and online workshops

Sandra is very warm, competent and empathetic. Both the colour therapy (Metatron Colour Healing) and the life transfer (LebensTransfer) therapy that I had with her convinced me 100% and did me a lot of good. The online workshops with meditation are also a highlight every time and I can recommend them 100%.

Karin Z.
bank employee, from Switzerland
Bankangestellte, aus der Schweiz

Biofield Therapy & LebensTransfer (Pollen Allergy)

The biofield test was very accurate and accurately identified my allergic reactions to different types of pollen. I was amazed at the accuracy and precision of the test. Before my treatment, I had been struggling with a distressing pollen allergy for years. But after just a short time, my symptoms were significantly reduced. Now I can be outside again without sneezing all the time or having itchy eyes. I am absolutely thrilled! The biofield test was a great experience and I would do it again anytime. I thank Sandra for her excellent work and support in treating my allergy.

J. P.
bank employee, from Switzerland
Bankangestellte, aus der Schweiz

Biofield Therapy & LebensTransfer (shingles)

I am very grateful to Sandra for the successful treatment of my shingles. I had stabbing pain and a sore on the right side of my upper body for weeks. In addition, I was tired, without energy, anxious and could not sleep well. It was only after Sandra’s LebensTransfer and biofield therapy that I immediately felt better. Today I am pain-free, full of energy and strength again. With joy I will now celebrate and enjoy my upcoming 70th birthday with my family. Thank you Sandra for your help, recovery and kindness. I wish you all the best from my heart.

social educator, from Germany
Sozialpädagogin, aus Deutschland

Biofield Therapy & LebensTransfer (digestive problems)

My experience with Sandra was great. She was very supportive and immediately started the therapies for my digestive problems. She also kept me informed about every step of the treatments. I think the therapies together with some life changes due to Sandra’s recommendations worked for me. I am feeling much better now.

from Switzerland
aus der Schweiz

Biofield Therapy & LebensTransfer (pain in the knee)

In March Sandra treated my knee, which I had injured in October of the previous year, and which was still causing me pain. After the treatment the pain was gone and it has not come back. Thank you very much for that.

massage therapist, from Switzerland (in August 2022)
Massagetherapeutin, aus der Schweiz (im August 2022)