Stress Management

Don’t wait too long and let stress in your life lead you to a burn-out or other health issues. Negative stress often results from things you want to have in your life and that you do not have or from things you do not want to have and that you do have.

Instead of eliminating the stress factors of one’s life one is tempted to focus mainly on the symptoms instead of going to the cause of the problem. In the stress & relaxation management sessions you will learn how to stay in a relaxed place even if you already feel stressed and have all these emotions, thoughts and distractions that besiege you from the inside and the outside.

By being in a calm, relaxed space, you will be able to hear your true calling from the heart much better. It will be easier to change perspective and to change your life and circumstances.


  • You receive tools for stressful situations specially tailored to you.
  • You can apply de-stressing tools in a challenging situation for you.
  • You know how to de-stress, when you are already in a chaotic place.
  • You learn how to listen to your true feelings and intuition more and establish changes in your perceptions and in your life.

Rates and Conditions

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