Metatron Colour Healing™

Metatron Colour Healing Sprays

The Metatron Colour Healing™ by Amanda Ellis of Angelic Celestial Colours channels the transformational energy of Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Metatron is said to have been part of the first divine spark, and has existed since time began. He certainly holds a special place for this planet and its people having incarnated himself (as many believe) as the Old Testament Prophet and Scribe, Enoch. He is an energy or being here to help anyone – regardless of creed, race or age. He works closely with Archangel Sandalphon. Usually when Metatron is present, Sandalphon is not far away.

Using colour and light, we are able to restore and replenish the whole body, which is made up of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. This healing works with the extended chakra system. 

You will be empowered with Metatron’s love, guidance and light to break free from old patterns, habits and behaviors, which will result in an experience of greater contentment. Sometimes I will receive messages from Archangel Metatron for you during a session. You will feel lighter, relaxed and connected to your Higher Self after a session. If the healing is treating a physical illness, emotional patterns that may have helped contribute to that illness will also be addressed.

Colour can be incorporated in a number of ways during the healing session. This could be through the specially designed Metatron Colour Healing Therapy sprays, as well as colored silks, crystals, sound, visualization and colour breathing where appropriate.

Benefits of the personal Healing Therapy Sessions

  • Metatron colour healing can be applied to break free from old patterns, habits and behaviors and to start the journey back to health, happiness and contentment. 
  • Healing can also be used as a wonderful energy whenever an infusion of light and love is needed to support your journey through life. Sometimes you will receive direct messages from Archangel Metatron during a session.
  • Metatron healing is recommended for many other issues. Healing modalities include ancestral healing, cord cutting, past life healing, chakra balance & light body activation, editing scripts / remove the story healing, elemental healing, inner child healing, past life healing, or sound color bath healing.
  • The Distance Healing is accessible to you even if you are not in Zürich. The distance healing works just as well as a face to face healing.

Rates and Conditions

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