For further information about healing sessions, Biofeldtest & therapy, LebensTransfer, workshops, courses and events, please contact me using the enquiry form below.


The yoga classes and workshops take place at the yoga studio of Aisha Lüke, Klosbachstrasse 7, 8032 Zürich. 

For the healing therapy, small yoga groups, private yoga, nutrition consultations, and for the Biofeld & Lebenstransfer therapy the location is at the practice of Sandra Gross at Englischviertelstrasse 58, 8032 Zürich.


I work intuitively within the framework of life and health counseling and support. My work does not replace a visit to the doctor or therapies. I am consulting according to the methods of my teachers and my certificates. I make no promises of healing and refer to the client’s own responsibility. The consultations and treatments are not covered by the health insurance and I am not a licensed doctor.

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