LebensTransfer Therapy

The Life Field

The human being consists of a material body and an invisible field of information in which energy, spirit, consciousness, human life experiences and the life experiences of the ancestors have their effect. This combined information can be summarized under the term “life field”, in German Lebensfeld.

The Lebenstransfer makes it possible to positively influence our self-healing system as well as  imbalances of consciousness. It is an energy healing modality that works remotely, just as the Biofeld Test & Therapy. It focusses on the healing of the soul and remove emotional causes for physical conditions.

It also helps with removing blockages to our individual “life plan”, in German Lebensplan. The more blockages we remove the more connected we become with our inner voice and purpose. With the removal of the blockages by supporting our self-healing system, we have more energy to follow our individual life plan, or Lebensplan.


Nature has equipped every human being with a highly effective self-healing system. Our ancestors depended on it to survive. In the event of illness, their system of self-healing was strengthened through the consciousness of the tribe members by means of rituals.

This type of healing has been forgotten in the modern age of medicine, but is being rediscovered by placebo research. It sees consciousness as the control level of self-healing. The degree of self-healing varies from person to person. Stressful lifestyles, anxiety, pain and environmental pollution can negatively influence or completely block self-healing.

With LebensTransfer, blocked self-healing can be activated so that it can deal with physical, mental or emotional health problems. For example, infections, injuries, bruises, shock or pain can be alleviated or eliminated through functional self-healing.

How it works

For the Lebenstransfer I need two drops of blood on unbleached coffee filter paper. These samples contain the required information of the client and are still connected through energetic communication, even if they are in different places. Thus, based on the blood sample, the individual therapy is tested and healing energetic information can be played onto the sample. As the healing information is played upon the sample the client is at the same time energetically supported in his healing. The samples need to be given only once.

Energetic information for life transfer & biofield test

Prices and Procedure

The Lebenstransfer works best if the blood sample is combined with your individual personal mandala. The mandalas are the therapy substances for the regulation. For the first therapy you will receive a Personal Mandala, which is specific for you and costs 30 CHF. This must be only purchased once. For each individual therapy it is 30 CHF. The duration of the treatment depends on your acute and chronic stressors. If you want to treat only acute stressors it usually takes 3-5 therapies. For chronic stressors, which have been built up over the years a monthly treatment of about 5 therapies is recommended. Consultation via phone, email or Zoom costs 30 CHF per started 15 minutes. Cost will be discussed prior to treatment.

Clarifying Notice

Biofeldtest and therapy and Lebenstransfer are methods of remote influence that is not carried out in or on the body of humans or animals. These methods do not belong to the generally accepted methods in the sense of recognition by orthodox medicine.

The described effects of remote influence are biophysical processes in the subtle area that have not yet been scientifically recognized. Conventional medicine classifies these methods of treatment as not necessary because it rejects the existence of subtle areas.

All statements made about Biofeldtest and therapy and Lebenstransfer are based on the findings and empirical values of this type of therapy itself. There is no sufficiently reliable proof of efficacy for this.

The treatment is not covered by the health insurance and I am not a licensed doctor.

Here you find some more information: www.lebenstransfer.de.