Resonance Repatterning

I had an excellence experience working with Sandra over a number of sessions. She is very clear with her communications, supportive and easy to talk to. I felt reassured and supported by her style of working. She implemented Resonance Repatterning which I have never experienced before; she clearly explained what the process was. I found the whole experience really interesting and feel it is a therapy that continues to work over time. The sessions were delivered over zoom which worked really well and the appointment process was easy to use and flexible. I would not hesitate to recommend Sandra as a competent practitioner in healing therapies.

Emma Fitzsimons
from Northern Ireland, aus Nordirland

Distant Healing

Upon the recommendation of a good friend, I came across Sandra. After she vividly explained Biofeldtest & LebensTransfer to me, I was amazed at everything she had discovered about my system and her ability to prioritize various treatment areas. I also appreciate the exchange and her inquiries following the treatments very much. What impressed me the most so far was the treatment of pollen allergy. Since my childhood, I had been experiencing watery eyes and sneezing attacks in the spring. All of that is now gone—thanks to Sandra! ✨ I highly recommend Sandra.

Primary School Teacher from Switzerland, Grundschullehrerin aus der Schweiz

Healing Sessions

I have been receiving regular treatments from Sandra Gross since last year. I appreciate her because she is warm-hearted and empathic, and at the same time conducts the healing sessions in a very professional and structured way. Sandra has been contributing very much in helping me to re-centre and find strength in many difficult situations. I have also received immediate and noticeable energetic protection. Sandra is a highly recommended therapist. I am extremely grateful and happy to have met her.

Annika Leibundgut

Resonance Repatterning

My session with Sandra was very powerful. We went very deep into the source of a pattern I was stuck in for a while and I was amazed to have found it in the third trimester of the time I was in the womb of my mother. We identified very core beliefs about men and women which I had been dragging all my life in a very subtle yet limiting way. As the days progressed, after the session, I did feel that I was noticeably creating new patterns in my relationships. I am very grateful for this experience and would recommend anyone who is seeking a revamping of their patterning to do this. Additionally, Sandra is very focused, skilled and committed to the work, which makes you feel like you are in good hands!! Thank you so much Sandra!

Saira Strobel

Yoga & health workshops

I always find Sandra’s yoga and health workshops to be very practical, helpful and doable. Sandra teaches with a lot of experience and love.

Marc Lüllmann
Vastu consultant, from Switzerland
Vastu-Berater, aus der Schweiz

Ancestral Healing

I took part in a wonderful workshop on ancestral healing with Sandra. She organised it wonderfully, I learned a lot of exciting things and was able to really relax during the meditation.

Melanie Z.
from Switzerland
aus der Schweiz

About Sandra

Honest, competent, cordial. I can warmly recommend Sandra in every respect. She has amazed me a few times. 🍀

Mimoza Paloka
from Switzerland
aus der Schweiz

Healing and online workshops

Sandra is very warm, competent and empathetic. Both the colour therapy (Metatron Colour Healing) and the life transfer (LebensTransfer) therapy that I had with her convinced me 100% and did me a lot of good. The online workshops with meditation are also a highlight every time and I can recommend them 100%.

Karin Z.
bank employee, from Switzerland
Bankangestellte, aus der Schweiz

Yoga Class

Her yoga classes are like a little oasis of calm in everyday life. She has a very pleasant way of teaching.

N. H.
from Switzerland
aus der Schweiz

Biofield Therapy & LebensTransfer (Pollen Allergy)

The biofield test was very accurate and accurately identified my allergic reactions to different types of pollen. I was amazed at the accuracy and precision of the test. Before my treatment, I had been struggling with a distressing pollen allergy for years. But after just a short time, my symptoms were significantly reduced. Now I can be outside again without sneezing all the time or having itchy eyes. I am absolutely thrilled! The biofield test was a great experience and I would do it again anytime. I thank Sandra for her excellent work and support in treating my allergy.

J. P.
bank employee, from Switzerland
Bankangestellte, aus der Schweiz

About Sandra’s Work

On February 11, 2023 I was with Sandra Gross, my yoga teacher, again at a wonderful workshop on “Attracting and Creating Harmonious Partnerships”. We were a small friendly group and during about 3 hours in our beautiful yoga room. We could dive into many great tips, exercises and meditations. We also did the shamanic burning ritual, I personally love that. We got a great handout where we can continue reading at home and deepen the exercises as we like. Sandra is a very sensitive person with great experience in different areas, including spirituality. She can lead with her calm voice well through her workshops. I was already at the group chakra workshops, at the Spiritual Tea Time with meditation and at the Colour Healing, which she does in individual sessions. Every time you feel relieved. Everything feels very healing and the time goes by in no time. I can only recommend it to you.

from Switzerland
aus der Schweiz

Spiritual Workshop: Harmonious Relationships

I attended the seminar on harmonious partnerships with Sandra and was able to enjoy very interesting and practical exercises on the topic of happy relationships. The insights given by Sandra were very inspiring and the information, meditations, and rituals felt very good and gave me new insights. For example, we practiced being present with ourselves and our partner, closed old relationships and received helpful tips in being loving and respectful with each other. I felt much clearer after the workshop. I would highly recommend Sandra’s workshop.

from Switzerland
aus der Schweiz

Southwood Healing (emotional healing: separation)

What should have been changed already, could not. Something was missing and at the same time there was something too much. The head knew it, but the heart did not understand it yet. You helped me to close a relationship in love. I felt so relieved and light afterwards, and more at home in myself. With your work came the change, in full speed. Your work has released movement, light and love. Thank you so much!

Livia Angst
from Switzerland
aus der Schweiz

Biofield Therapy & LebensTransfer (shingles)

I am very grateful to Sandra for the successful treatment of my shingles. I had stabbing pain and a sore on the right side of my upper body for weeks. In addition, I was tired, without energy, anxious and could not sleep well. It was only after Sandra’s LebensTransfer and biofield therapy that I immediately felt better. Today I am pain-free, full of energy and strength again. With joy I will now celebrate and enjoy my upcoming 70th birthday with my family. Thank you Sandra for your help, recovery and kindness. I wish you all the best from my heart.

social educator, from Germany
Sozialpädagogin, aus Deutschland

Biofield Therapy & LebensTransfer (digestive problems)

My experience with Sandra was great. She was very supportive and immediately started the therapies for my digestive problems. She also kept me informed about every step of the treatments. I think the therapies together with some life changes due to Sandra’s recommendations worked for me. I am feeling much better now.

from Switzerland
aus der Schweiz

Biofield Therapy & LebensTransfer (pain in the knee)

In March Sandra treated my knee, which I had injured in October of the previous year, and which was still causing me pain. After the treatment the pain was gone and it has not come back. Thank you very much for that.

massage therapist, from Switzerland (in August 2022)
Massagetherapeutin, aus der Schweiz (im August 2022)

Nutrition Consultation

I took part in Sandra’s course with the goal of getting more information about healthy and balanced nutrition but it turned out to be something more. Without making huge efforts and changes I managed to find a new daily life routine as well as simple explanations for many trivial issues that just appeared complicated. With gradual “tuning” of inner being, pure “organic” approach, and a bit of technical understanding without any “chemical and off-the-shelf” products I found new and healthier way of life. I am not worried anymore if I am doing the things right and am not looking for drugs, nutritional supplements, or professional (rather conventional) help and consulting of any kind. Many thanks, Sandra!

Nebojsa Vrcelj
Project Manager, from Canada
Projektmanager, aus Kanada

Change Your Daily Habits with Yoga

I really enjoyed the workshop “Change your Daily Habits with Yoga” by Sandra. The workshop contained valuable theory, which Sandra conveyed in an exciting way and underlined with many practical examples. The theory was always combined with many practical exercises from traditional yoga teachings. She guided the exercises with a beautiful choice of words and inner peace and responded individually to each course participant. Also, the teleconference that took place 30 days after the workshop inspired me to really stay on topic and take the techniques I received into my daily life. It was helpful to hear the feedback from the other participants and to be able to share our experience and unanswered questions. The workshop helped me to change my habits as desired by me. So now I practice yoga briefly but regularly in the morning and allow myself more personal time than I used to allow myself. This has helped me to lead a more balanced life from now on. I can highly recommend Sandra’s workshops, because you can clearly feel that she herself is very intensively involved with the topics presented and also applies them herself. Her enthusiasm for the subject jumps into the hearts of the participants.

Marc Lüllmann

Yoga Classes & Privates

Sandra goes to the core of the yoga philosophy in her lessons with an extraordinary knowledge. Her instructions are very precise and encompass mind, body and spirit in the broadest sense. The asanas and breathing exercises are embedded in texts and perspectives on everyday life, which can open up completely new perspectives on upcoming problems. The fact that she also gives nutritional advice only adds to the value of her work.

Mariane Steffen
Language and Communication Trainer, from Switzerland
Sprach- und Kommunikationstrainerin, aus der Schweiz

Yoga & Detox Workshop (Zürich)

I really enjoyed the day seminar on Prana and Detox with Sandra Gross. There were many practical inputs that can be easily implemented in everyday life if you want to. Sandra’s open nature made me feel comfortable right away, even though I had no prior knowledge. I really liked the variation within the workshop: Yoga, lecture, dance, Q&A session, meditation. Sandra understands exceptionally well how to combine expertise, her personal experience and the interests of the participants. She herself is a great role model through the contentment and health she radiates.

Primary School Teacher, from Switzerland
Grundschullehrerin, aus der Schweiz

Yoga & Detox Workshop (Zürich)

I really enjoyed the Kriya yoga which was new to me. I also like the idea of breathing techniques as a way of cleansing the body – something I have never thought of before! Even though I had already heard of food combining, the food combination table we discussed was very informative. Better food combining can be followed for better digestion no matter your diet looks like. If you suffer from indigestion – this is key. Since the seminar we have kept the table on our fridge so we can plan our meals accordingly and make smarter choices. I would recommend Sandra’s detox seminar to anyone who is wondering what detoxing is all about and to debunk all the myths associated with it. After the course you will want to start your detox journey right away! After the detox seminar, Sandra suggested the 30 day Extremely Green Detox by Natalia Rose which I am now taking part in. Thanks to Sandra I already have a good basis. Sandra is truly a wealth of information and she is so genuine with a great energy. The new Detox Guru of Zürich!

Katherine Maas
Office Manager, from America
Office Manager, aus Amerika

Yoga & Detox Workshop (Berlin)

I took part in Sandra’s yoga & detox seminar in Berlin and it was a wonderful experience. Even if it was about detoxifying, I could say it provided me with 3 Es (the positive ones): Enriching, Enlightening and very Enjoyable. Sandra gave useful tips about leading a healthy lifestyle in all 3 areas: mind, body and soul. Information was combined with practice, such as yoga, meditation and dancing. Personal advice was added to the whole. Sandra is an example herself of a healthy lifestyle, as she shows it through her vitality, skin and body condition. An example to follow! I am totally committed in having such a life-style myself as well, as it brings the long desired life force and well-being. I fully recommend Sandra as a consultant in nutrition and healthy-life style.

Cristina Nicoleta Burca
Public Relations and Communications, from Romania
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Kommunikation, aus Rumänien

Yoga Class

I have rarely attended such a great yoga class as Sandra’s. I’ve been with ACTIV FITNESS in Zurich at Central for about a year and have been attending Sandra’s yoga classes ever since. I am definitely a very big fan. Sandra is a very advanced yoga teacher, which you can’t always expect in a fitness center, with a very wide-ranging and long-standing expertise. At the same time, she always integrates new sequences and thus provides variety. It is also important for me that some passages remain with each lesson. These can be asanas that I have become accustomed to or that are particularly close to my heart, as well as the beautiful quotes at the beginning, the sun salutation or the final relaxation. In this respect Sandra really delivers a great all-round program, which also means effort every time due to the activation of different muscle groups. Sandra’s breathing exercises have already helped me in various situations. High praise from Ornella from Zurich.

PR employee, from Germany
PR-Mitarbeiterin, aus Deutschland

Yoga & Chakra Workshop

The Yoga and Chakra Workshop with Sandra was great. With a lot of know-how about the body Sandra led through the workshop and emphasized precise alignment. The yoga was accompanied by wonderful sounds, colors and vibrations. I came out of the workshop absolutely relaxed and can highly recommend it. Thank you for the magical yoga class, Sandra.

Melanie Zürcher
Physiotherapist, from Switzerland
Physiotherapeutin, aus der Schweiz