Yoga Group Classes

About Yoga

Yoga, meaning connection, encompasses various practices aimed at achieving harmony and balance. Working holistically on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers, yoga embodies a state of being and a path toward self-realization. Yoga is a method to attain a non-dreaming mind, promoting presence and alignment between body, breath, senses, intellect, and soul.

Yoga helps you to relax, center and be happy for no particular reason, improve your quality of life and your health with simple, easy-to-use tools that you can apply in a class and in your daily life, feel more centered, balanced and to change your habits for the better, manage and control your thoughts and emotions as well as your physical health, and feel a sense of belonging, trust and acceptance.

Yoga Styles

The yoga classes are suited to all levels. Beginners and advanced students are welcome. They include meditation (sitting), vayus (outer and inner vayus), kriyas (cleansing exercises), pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (yoga postures), savasana (final relaxation) and yoga philosophy.

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga

Regular practice of yoga asanas in conjunction with pranayama, kriyas and meditation reduces fatigue, releases toxins, soothes the nervous system and helps to keep the body free from disease.

Kriya is Sanskrit, and means action, deed. It is the conscious effort of a practitioner to clean his energy field with simple techniques best done early in the morning. Pranayama are breathing exercises  which guide and direct the flow of prana, the life force energy, in your body. Both kind of practices prepare you well to go deep into meditation.

The asanas will be done together with conscious breathing. Thus you strengthen your body and calm your mind. The yoga poses and flows will work on your strength, endurance and your flexibility. All poses are intelligently put together into sequences with shorter and longer holds.

You will become physically fitter and more flexible. You will learn how to cope with thoughts and emotions better. It’s not about perfection. It’s about steadiness in the practice, progression, awareness, presence, and an open, curious heart towards yourself and others.

Yin Yoga and Deep Stretching

Yin Yoga is all about increasing flexibility and increasing range of motion. It works with longer holds (2-5 minutes) in the poses and with calming down your nervous system via your breath. You relax every muscle in yin yoga, so that gravity is helping you to work on stretching muscles and fascia that you can’t normally access with more yang styles of yoga. Even though it looks easy from the outside this yoga style is very challenging.

Restorative Yoga

In restorative yoga you deeply relax and enjoy the poses with an extra focus on deep breathing and supporting yourself with bolsters and other props. Such a session is deeply nourishing and helps to fill up your energy levels after a challenging day.

Yoga for Parents & Kids, Children and Teens

Start with your children to do yoga from an early age. They are usually doing yoga anyway at home. Yoga postures are for children so natural. Practice some easy breathing patterns and meditation from an early age. Children classes are usually designed around the physical practice and a lot of fun. The parents & kids classes are a complete different way to connect with your children and spend a joyful time together. I often use music and dance also in a yoga class with children, this is really fun. In a children’s class we have more elements to do yoga in a group or in pairs. Each class is finished with deep relaxation.

Sai Yoga Classes

Sai Yoga Classes are powerful classes, which combine pranayama, meditation, yoga postures, relaxation and visualizations in the postures. Indra Devi taught it first after she was instructed by Sathya Sai Baba in how to teach Sai Yoga. It consists of simple yoga postures that are easy to hold for a longer period of time and includes powerful visualizations while holding the pose.

Other yoga styles and meditations

You can also come to a yoga & dance class and active meditations. I often use elements of active meditation in my workshops and methods of self-reflection such as writing.

Benefits of the Group Classes

  • You learn the basic principles of alignment in your yoga postures (asanas).
  • You feel relaxed and still energetic.
  • You feel in peace and centered.
  • You work out your body in harmonious postures.
  • You learn to observe and to stay aware and calm no matter what happens on a physical, mental or emotional level.

Before Class

  • Please wear comfortable clothes. You can use the yoga mats, straps, meditation seats and blankets from the yoga studio, or bring your own.
  • Please don’t eat anything 3 hours before a yoga class.
  • Please come 10 minutes before the class starts.

Rates and Conditions

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