Healing Therapy

Southwood Healing Therapy

In Southwood Healing Therapy by Malcolm S. Southwood physical healing, emotional and spiritual healing is addressed. In a session the approach is on harmonizing body, mind and spirit. The healing modalities include working with the subconscious mind to remove the cause of a problem.

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Metatron Colour HealingTM (in training)

Metatron Colour HealingTM by Amanda Ellis is a healing method that channels the transformational energy of Archangel Metatron using colour and light to restore and replenish the whole body system. The whole body system consists of several layers, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. The healing works with  the extended chakra system.

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Deeksha Giving / Oneness Blessing

A Deeksha blessing, also called Oneness Blessing, is a transfer of divine energy. It helps you to balance your energies in your body. A balanced system is the foundation for harmony and health. For the Deeksha Blessing you can either lay down or stay seated in a chair.

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Rates and Location

For more information about my rates and the location of the yoga studio please visit: https://sandragrosshealing.com/rates.