Virtual 1-Month Cleansing Course English


Change with the 1-Month-Cleansing Course your daily routines for greater Health, Vitality, Inner Peace, Lightness and Well-Being

Upon purchasing the course you will receive the course via email. You can also choose an option with one private consultation via Skype for 127 CHF in addition instead of 150 CHF regular price. This course is available in the catalogue of this webpage, too.

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Change with the 1-Month-Cleansing Course your daily routines for greater Health, Vitality, Inner Peace, Lightness and Well-Being

For People all around the World. You can start anytime and go about the course in your own pace.

Learn how to unleash your beautiful you, full of ease and joy. Detox the body for greater health and well being. It bases on the principles of DetoxTheWorld taught by Natalia Rose, my yoga teacher education and experiences as well as on my practice with “dynamics of healing”, studied with Malcolm Southwood.

The course teaches you how to cleanse in a thoughtful and yet effective way for greater health and well-being. The course focuses on not only on your physical body but also on your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, in yoga called Koshas. Koshas are sheaths covering the inner Self, also called the Atma, the Higher Consciousness, the High Self or the Higher Self. The sheaths are: the physical body, the energetic/emotional body, the mental body, the wisdom body and the bliss body. All are interconnected. If you work on one of them it influences the other bodies as well. You will experience that cleansing the physical body also makes you emotionally and mentally stronger as well as having a greater sense of feeling at ease and peaceful.

On a physical level the Principles of the course include: Reducing toxicity in your life, proper food combining, eating order in a meal and throughout the day, juicing, healthy and Prana (life-force-energy)-enhancing exercise, water-contents of food, delicious, well-combined meals, enema and colon hydrotherapy as well as cleansing in your own pace

On a mental and emotional the course includes: How to work together with your subconscious e.g. to overcome addictions to food substances or how to change habits; we shed a light onto how to deal with every day situations at home, at work and in your spare time

On a spiritual level the course includes: How to include your Higher Self into the process; you are truly empowered when your subconscious, your mind and your Higher Self work together as a team; you will begin to experience this as a spiritual process, which leads you to greater trust and ease in life.

The program is meant for a gentle, long-term cleansing. However, for those who want to go deeper and are already more experienced cleansers, there will be an option to specifically focus on the reduction of yeast & fungus in your system. You will learn the tools and already experience their effectiveness during the month that you are doing the virtual cleanse to reduce weight (if wanted), get a healthier skin, better digestion and gain higher levels of energy and vitality.

The Program Curriculum is as follows:

Week 1: Greater Clarity and Confidence.

  • Exploring the motivation and vision behind the cleanse
  • What are toxicity and detoxification on a physical level?
  • What is life force energy (Prana) and how does Prana energize you?
  • What are the principles for a healthy diet?

Week 2: Greater Flow and Ease.

  • Exploring the motivation and benefits of using detoxification tools
  • How to apply the detoxification tools in the most effective way
  • The Principles of Prana-enhancing exercise
  • How to put everything together: diet, detoxification tools and exercise during one day, one week and one month

Week 3: Greater Freedom and Guidance.

  • How to reduce and finally overcome addictions to acidic substances
  • The reasons behind erratic eating patterns: childhood traumas, stress-relieving habits or subduing your inner voice. We will address how to effectively master these instigators.
  • How to deal with closest friends, society and people in your working environment when engaging in a new lifestyle
  • Connecting with your Higher Self/Consciousness for guidance and unconditional love during the process

Week 4: Greater Peace and Balance.

  • What are different causes of dis-eases on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels?
  • What are the physical causes of diseases in general, for some specific diseases and chronic illnesses and how to reduce or reverse them?
  • What are the effects for you when you cleanse your cells on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level?
  • How to raise consciousness on each of these levels and proceed the cleansing process holistically from a balanced place?

Course Schedule:

Upon registering and payment you receive the course material of the complete course and then each week a reminder to start the next week and study it’s material. It is recommended that you practice each week’s lesson throughly throughout the week before taking the next step.

Each week’s lesson consists of:

  1. The lecture, a minimum 60 minutes audio file
  2. Class notes, pages in pdf-format, all pages from all 4 weeks form the script together
  3. Questions & Answers from former students, a 60 minutes audio file
  4. Gentle assignments for the week, these are what you focus on and apply during the week to put the knowledge into practice and experience the positive impact of the teachings in your life.
  • In this way you will receive at least 8 hours of audio files and the script according to the curriculum outlined above. You will have the files to refer to anytime.


  • The course will dive into how to use green juices in your daily routine and how to eat vegetable centric. It is highly recommended to invest in a juicer, it is a great and worthy investment. Both types, centrifugal and auger ones are fine.
  • You can do the course as a vegetarian and as a non-vegetarian. The suggestions of the course will emphasize vegetarian choices. The principles in itself are universal.
  • The course is fine for people, who eat cooked meals and raw meals. The recommendations in the course will lead you to conscious choices when to eat raw and when cooked and knowing exactly why.


For the complete course which contains 8 recorded lectures (60 minutes each) plus a 30 page script, recipes and gentle assignments per week, you pay 157 CHF.

You can also choose an option with one private consultation via Skype for 127 CHF in addition instead of 150 CHF regular price. If you are interested in this version instead, click here to enroll in the course.

For whom:

This program is for everyone wanting to feel more healthy, relaxed, at ease, confident, joyous, knowledgeable, free and beautiful.