Allergies and intolerances with the Biofeld Test

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This video shows, how the Biofeld test finds and treats allergies and intolerances. I am showing you first, how I find allergies and intolerances, what the difference is, and how the protocol of treating allergies and intolerances is.

You can watch this video with German and English subtitles, if you switch to YouTube. Please like and share, if you find this information useful, also for others.

Here you will find the video with the basics of the biofield test and life transfer:

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Biofield Therapy and LifeTransfer are methods of remote influencing that are not performed in or on the body of humans or animals. These methods are not generally recognised by conventional medicine. The remote effects described are biophysical processes in the subtle realm that are not yet scientifically recognised. Conventional medicine classifies these treatment methods as ineffective because it does not recognise the existence of subtle areas. All statements made about biofield testing and therapy and life transfer are based on the findings and experience of this form of therapy itself. There is no sufficiently reliable proof of effectiveness. The treatment is not covered by health insurance and I am not a licenced doctor. I am listed at the GBM (Gesellschaft für Biophysikalische Medizin) in Germany as a therapist for Biofeldtest and LebensTransfer.

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Sandra Veronika Gross is a healer, yoga teacher and medium. She helps people with a busy schedule to engage in a healthy lifestyle in their own pace to be full of joy, follow their intuition and experience inner peace.