01.08.2013. – 31.10.2013: Individual nutrition and detox consultations-package via Skype

Do you want to feel healthier, happier and more energetic? By making simple changes, you will learn how the body responds to an appropriate diet, exercise to enhance the Chi flow, and gentle detoxification.

You will eat and detox in everyday life with joy, curiosity and fun. This is tailored individually to you.

Nowadays there are so many different nutritional concepts and information in the media, many of which are contradictory and also require a radical change in eating and lifestyle habits.

Clients, who come to me, learn how to work with the natural laws of how the body works in diet, exercise, and detoxification so that they are healthier and feel more energetic and happier.

For the consultations I use the method of the DetoxTheWorld principles that I myself have practiced successfully for years now and which are set forth in the books by Natalia Rose and on her website.  Some of the people she is basing her work upon are successful medical practitioners such as Norman Walker and Prof. Dr. Arnold Ehret.

The special feature of the method is that the insights of the past and new insights are adapted to the circumstances of today with our modern society. These practices are easy to integrate into everyday life.

The principles apply regardless of what foods you eat or what health issues you want to improve.

The benefits of one-to-one sessions are:

  • You will receive individual advice on how to relieve any symptoms you might have now in the long term, how to change damaging eating habits and how to improve your health and vitality.
  • You can adjust your diet and detoxification plan to your individual situation.
  • You get a customized shopping list and you can put together your own in future.
  • You get feedback during a longer period of time and support so that you can anchor your new or adapted lifestyle successfully in your everyday life.
  • You get the information you need in order to continue on your own with confidence.

The package includes:

  • Evaluation of a confidential questionnaire about your health and your goals
  • First session via Skype: 90 minutes
  • Second session and third session via Skype, 60 minutes each
  • Feedback once between two sessions via e-mail

Package Price:

  • CHF 420 (3.5 times 120 CHF), including e-mail support, instead of 525 CHF (3.5 times CHF 150)
  • Valid with full payment when booking

About Sandra Gross:

  • Rose Program Certified Counselor: Diet and detoxification consultant
  • Yoga Teacher (500 hours Yoga Alliance International)
  • Diploma in healing from the Malcolm Southwood Healing School in Basel

Book your package now:

Email to simplyloveyoga@gmail.com or fill in my contact form.

Testimonials – What others say:

I took part in Sandra’s seminar in Berlin and it was a wonderful experience. Even if it was about detoxifying, I could say it provided me with 3 Es (the postive ones): Enriching, Enlightening and very Enjoyable. Sandra gave useful tips about leading a healthy life-style in all 3 areas: mind, body and soul. Information was combined with practice, such as yoga, meditation and dancing. Personal advice was added to the whole. Sandra is an example herself of a healthy life style, as she shows it through her vitality, skin and body condition. An example to follow! I am totally committed in having such a life-style myself as well, as it brings the long desired life force and well-being. I fully recommend Sandra as a consultant in nutrition and healthy-life style.
Cristina Nicoleta Burca, Public Relations and Communications, from Romania

I really enjoyed the Kriya yoga which was new to me. I also like the idea of breathing techniques as a way of cleansing the body – something I have never thought of before! Even though I had already heard of food combining, the food combination table we discussed was very informative. Better food combining can be followed for better digestion no matter your diet looks like. If you suffer from indigestion – this is key. Since the seminar we have kept the table on our fridge so we can plan our meals accordingly and make smarter choices. I would recommend Sandra’s detox seminar to anyone who is wondering what detoxing is all about and to debunk all the myths associated with it. After the course you will want to start your detox journey right away! After the detox seminar, Sandra suggested the 30 day Extremely Green Detox by Natalia Rose which I am now taking part in. Thanks to Sandra I already have a good basis. Sandra is truly a wealth of information and she is so geniuine with a great energy. The new Detox Guru of Zürich!
Katherine Maas, Office Manager, from America

Das Tagesseminar über Prana und Detox bei Sandra Gross hat mir sehr gefallen. Es gab viele praktische Inputs, die sich im Alltag leicht umsetzen lassen, wenn man dies möchte. Durch Sandras offene Art habe ich mich sofort wohl gefühlt, obwohl ich keinerlei Vorkenntnisse hatte. Ich mochte die Variation innerhalb des Workshops sehr: Yoga, Vortrag, Tanz, Fragerunde, Meditation. Sandra versteht es ausserordentlich gut, Sachkenntnisse, ihre persönlichen Erfahrungen und die Interessen der Teilnehmer zu verbinden. Dabei ist sie selber ein grosses Vorbild durch die Zufriedenheit und Gesundheit, die sie ausstrahlt.
Désirée, Primary School Teacher, from Switzerland

Sandra stösst in ihren Lektionen mit einem aussergewöhnlich grossen Wissen zum Kern der Yoga Philosophie vor. Ihre Anleitungen sind sehr präzise und umfassen Geist, Körper und Seele im weitesten Sinn. Die Asanas und Atemübungen werden eingebettet in Texte und Sichtweisen auf das alltägliche Leben, die völlig neue Blickwinkel auf anstehende Probleme eröffnen können. Dass sie dazu noch ernährungstechnische Beratungen gibt, macht das Wirkungsfeld ihrer Arbeit nur noch wertvoller.
Mariane Steffen, Language and Communication Trainer, from Switzerland