08.10.2018: Yoga Class at Open Yoga Church St. Jakob

Yoga at the Offene Kirche Jakob is a unique experience. I am very grateful that I may teach a class there in October 2018. Please come and join Béla Pete and me for a yoga class on Monday evening from 7-8:15pm.

Open Yoga, founded in 2010, has an open program bi-weekly and is donation based. Béla and his team keep this project going with inviting guest teachers and contributing to events organized by the church.

Find some more information about the project here: https://openyoga.ch/. The project is open all year, you can also go before October and join me then, too, if you like to! It’s a great community to join.

Everyone is welcome. The class will be in German and is for all levels and all ages. Beginners are welcome. There are mats in the church but you can also bring your own.


Source of Blog Post Picture: https://openyoga.ch