Seminar: Unconditional Self-Love

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Experience in this seminar how you can cultivate unconditional self-love and manifest your heart’s desires.

The seminar consists of three parts: stepping into your personal power, and building a loving relationship with your inner child so that you can be your authentic self. The third part is about how to manifest your heart’s desires from a centered and calm place within yourself.

This seminar is designed to help you to understand, how you can consciously work with your subconscious, conscious and superconscious (your Higher Self) to gain a mastery of yourself and live your life to the fullest. I will lead you through meditative practices and practical tips for your daily life through all three levels and you will gain an understanding, of how these three levels can work harmoniously together.

You will then see how self-limiting beliefs, unconscious and conscious develop and how they can lead to challenges in your life today. You will experience a guided meditation to heal wounds from the past that might have originated from your childhood. This inner child healing session aims to mend the most crucial relationship in your life: the one with yourself. Unconditional self-love is rooted in the understanding of spiritual love. Not everyone experienced spiritual love in their lives, and in this workshop we take the responsibility as adults to care for our inner child and build this unconditional love with self.

The core principle of this workshop is recognizing your worthiness of unconditional love and acknowledging your inherent loveliness, simply by being yourself. We are all sons and daughters of the Divine, and the Divine makes no mistakes. 

By embracing this unconditional love for your inner child and being authentic, and stepping into your personal power, this seminar is designed that you can embrace manifesting practices from a place of inner peace and calmness to shape the course of your life according to your lifeplan

When: The next seminar date is not fixed yet. Please sign up on the waiting list below
Cost: The cost for the 3 hour seminar is CHF 90 (both online via Zoom and in person)