Biofeldtherapy and LebensTransfer with Sandra Gross

In this video I show you what Biofield Therapy and LebensTransfer are and how they work.

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Clarifying note Biofield therapy

The treatment method presented here is a therapy method of naturopathic empirical medicine, which does not belong to the generally recognized methods in the sense of recognition by conventional medicine. The described effects of biofield therapy are biophysical processes in the subtle body, which are not yet scientifically recognized. From the school medicine the biofield therapy is classified as not necessary, since it rejects the existence of fine-material bodies. All statements made about properties and effects as well as indications of the presented therapy are based on the knowledge and the experience values in this therapy direction itself. There is no sufficiently secured proof of effectiveness.

Clarifying note LebensTransfer

With the LebensTransfer presented here, a remote influencing of the consciousness of people is carried out. This method is not a therapy in the sense of orthodox medicine, because the remote influencing is neither carried out in nor on the human body, but existing information disturbances of the consciousness are dissolved by means of a dried human blood sample via quantum entanglement. All made statements about properties of the life transfer are based on findings in this research direction itself. There is no sufficiently secured proof for this.

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Sandra Veronika Gross is a healer, yoga teacher and medium. She helps people with a busy schedule to engage in a healthy lifestyle in their own pace to be full of joy, follow their intuition and experience inner peace.