God comes first – what does this mean?

When I was once in emotional upset, someone told me “God comes first”. I couldn’t understand what she meant. At that moment I was caught in duality. “I” here “God” there. When I was in that stuckification situation (as Havi Brooks calls it :-) it was just impossible for me to put anyone else than me first :-)

But what, if I came frome a point of Oneness? Replace the word “God” with “Inner Peace”, “Joy”, “Contentment”, “Peace of Mind”, or whatever occurs to you. The sentence “God comes first” suddenly becomes “(My) inner peace comes first”, and that makes to me a lot of sense, even and especially when I am upset. Maybe peace simply begins with accepting that one is upset…

We are all mirrors of each other. If “I” come to rest, it benefits all around, and it reflects back, for sure. Maybe the cause for emotional upset is just not necessary then anymore.