Taking the High Route

Yoga reminds us that it is possible to stay calm and centered even if the circumstances are challenging. Being happy and calm is an inside job. It is always so nice additionally to take off some scheduled time for yourself during the upcoming weeks before the winter break.

Everybody is making mistakes from time to time, ourselves and others. But this doesn’t define who we are. We are still valuable and loved no matter which mistakes we make. Making mistakes is a part of life.

Be a love-finder and not fault-finder. To be a spiritual person means to look beyond mistakes and to see the person behind them.

“We don’t really see with our eyes, we see with our minds and consciousness. Every thought we think is a lens we see through. And so in truth everything in life is perception and interpretation. If we choose to see faults in ourselves or others, we will find them. However, if we choose to be a love finder and see the best and beautiful in both ourselves and others, then this is what we will see.” – Dr. Joshua David Stone

When you know that people make mistakes you can stay relaxed about them. This helps you and them. From a calm place you can replay the situation and make a firm decision of how to act differently the next time. In this way you learn from your mistake and do not repeat it consciously. It also frees you from feeling guilty which would block you from clear thinking for a better action next time. If you know about your part you can apologize or make amends. Do not correct others for their mistakes but be are vigilant about your own mistakes and learn from them.

Also do not bring the past into the current moment by assuming that the other person or you will make the same mistake again and again (Marianne Williamson). This gives space to the situation and room for change. Everyone makes the choice of how to behave always in the current moment.

Life is constructed that way that you are always confronted with new problems that teach us to become a better person (Dr. Joshua David Stone). Each person has different emotional behavior patterns that he acts out. That’s why some people perceive a situation as a problem which wouldn’t be a problem for another person.

Each time a problem occurs you have the choice of going the high road with a noble reaction, calm in your mind and action, or to go the low road, act unwise and/or becoming emotional. According to the ACIM you will be presented with these challenging situations until you learn to take the high road and move on to the next challenge. A “mistake” simply means, you “took” the wrong route, next time you take the high road!

Photo by Infomastern