Resonance Repatterning

My session with Sandra was very powerful. We went very deep into the source of a pattern I was stuck in for a while and I was amazed to have found it in the third trimester of the time I was in the womb of my mother. We identified very core beliefs about men and women which I had been dragging all my life in a very subtle yet limiting way. As the days progressed, after the session, I did feel that I was noticeably creating new patterns in my relationships. I am very grateful for this experience and would recommend anyone who is seeking a revamping of their patterning to do this. Additionally, Sandra is very focused, skilled and committed to the work, which makes you feel like you are in good hands!! Thank you so much Sandra!

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Sandra Veronika Gross is a healer, yoga teacher and medium. She helps people with a busy schedule to engage in a healthy lifestyle in their own pace to be full of joy, follow their intuition and experience inner peace.