Tips for Manifestating and how Manifestation connects to Yoga

There are so many books about manifestation and about how to make your dreams come true. Which method is the best? What is the golden key to unlock these riches that the books talk about? And why should we care about manifesting?

Wherever you put your attention, that will start manifesting in your life.  Focus on love, and love manifests. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Goal of Manifesting and Yoga

There have been written so many books about manifesting, and how to achieve wealth, happiness and health. The first thing to consider is, if you are manifesting for your personal benefit only, or do you want to help others with your manifestation in your life, too? I would pay attention to this motivational point when choosing a book about manifestation. Another reason to consider consciously manifesting is to dive deeply into the joy of creating. “The goal of creation is to expand into whatever theme is being explored. […] the full purpose of creativity is simply joyous expression, a loving exercise in creativity.”1. If you start creating something it is usually something new. If you explore this new theme you will certainly look for new answers and thus broaden your consciousness.

Yoga means union, union with the creator. The term yoga is used to practices to remember that you are in truth already one with all creation. It also describes this union as a state of being. The ego can bring about negative thoughts that want to persuade you, that you are separate from others. It is from the illusion of this separation that all suffering arises. In order to experience true manifestation you must surrender truly to God’s will, so that He can do His work through you. In such a state all negative ego thoughts are transcended. If you work consciously on manifestation you have to work on transcending your negative ego thoughts, otherwise your manifestation will not come about.

The best and broadest books about that subject are in my view the books by Dr. Joshua David Stone. He has a chapter about manifestation in his book “Soul Psychology”. He has also a whole chapter about manifestation in his book “Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing”. What I like about Dr. Joshua Stone is, that he is originally a psychotherapist, who studied all the different spiritual paths, including yoga, and put together a very well-balanced method, that bases on the best parts of psychology and spiritual paths. I have never seen books that covered the subject of transcending the negative ego in such a comprehensive way. I especially recommend his two books “Spiritual Psychology” and “How to Clear the Negative Ego”.

The Laws of Manifestation

The following quote and text is from the chapter “The Laws of Manifestation” from his book “Soul Psychology” by Dr. Joshua David Stone. I shortened the text for you, formatted and highlighted it for this blog post. I recommend to get this book and read it completely. Actually, the manifestation chapter is one of the last chapters. I think his first chapters about personal power, self-love and self-worth and mastering these topics for yourself are the prerequisites to manifest for the benefit of all:

“Manifestation is not magic. It is a process of working with natural principles and laws in order to translate energy from one level of reality to another.” – DAVID SPANGLER

The first law of manifestation is that every person must learn to manifest with all three of his or her minds. We must learn to manifest with our conscious, subconscious, and superconscious and/or soul mind.

  • Manifestation on a conscious mind level is through the use of will, or personal power. Most people manifest their businesses through sheer will power. They work 18 hour days and just power it out. The conscious level of manifestation is also connected with physical action. This means, making phone calls, physically organizing, seeing clients, running errands, administrating, and so on. This is a very valid and important way to manifest.
  • The second way to manifest is through the power of your subconscious mind. Now in reality everyone is using this level of manifestation, whether they realize it or not. The problem is that most people are not using it consciously. […] To learn to manifest effectively, the disciple must learn to be in control of the subconscious mind. Most people let their subconscious minds run them instead of the computer programmer (conscious mind) running the subconscious mind. Ideally it’s your servant. […] It is your faithful servant and will supply you with whatever you need as long as you program it directly.
  • The third way to manifest is through the power of the superconscious mind, the Higher Self, the spirit and/or God. This is, of course, manifesting not by affirmation or visualization, but rather by prayer. Prayer is the spiritual practice of asking God for what you want and accepting it is done once you have made your request. God, through your Higher Self and Monad or Mighty I Am Presence, hears all prayers and answers all prayers. How, when, and in what form He answers them will be dependent on how you fulfill the universal laws of manifestation as outlined in this chapter. Why manifest just with will power and physical work when you can pray every day and acquire God’s help? […]”

The second key law of this new age form of manifestation is to manifest from the consciousness that you are the soul and not the personality. If you manifest from the consciousness of personality you see yourself as separated from your brothers and sisters, and from creation itself. This is an illusion. […]

Do not be attached to what you are praying for or are trying to manifest, or you will repel it from yourself. Make your choice for manifesting a preference, not an attachment. With this attitude you will be happy until it arrives.

Surrender your prayer request to God and leave it in God’s hands. God is happy to help but you must surrender it. You can visualize your prayer request going up in a bubble of pink or golden light and melding with God’s light. Then it is your job to go about your business and do what you can on the conscious, personal power level, and on the physical action level. […]

The next law is that of faith. You know God exists and you know that god’s laws are perfect and work every time. So after you pray, know that your prayer has been heard and God’s law has been invoked. Nothing but perfection and perfect fulfillment of the prayer and law can happen as long as you have faith in God and God’s laws. If you give into doubt and worry, you are blocking the energy manifestation which you just set in motion.

The next law deals with consistency and alignment. The four bodies [the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies] must all be in alignment for a quick manifestation of your prayer request. The mind must be attuned to God, spirit, and the soul so that this energy can flow through you. […]

The next law deals with the recognition that everything in God’s universe is just energy, and all energy is just God. Even physical matter is must energy vibrating at a slow rate of vibration. So all you are really doing in working the laws of manifestation is changing or transferring energy from one form to another. This law deals with the fact that energy follows thought. What you ask for already exists on a higher level once the prayer, affirmation and visualization has been done. You are just waiting now for it to manifest into physical reality. The attitude should be one of expectancy, like it is about to happen at any second. You are just waiting for it to move down the dimensions and ground itself into physical reality. As long as you keep your four bodies and three minds in alignment there is no reason for this not to happen.

This law deals with the fact that these laws are operating whether you are consciously aware of them or not. They are also perfectly happy to work with the negative as well as the positive as they are not selective or discriminative. Whatever you give the subconscious, it will use. If you hold a negative thought and image for too long, it will manifest into your physical reality eventually. So if you are not working these laws of manifestation for the positive then they are going to work to your detriment. […]

This next law deals with the importance of making sure what you pray for is coming from your soul and not the negative ego. Your soul won’t help if what you are praying for is something that is not for the highest good of all concerned, and is hurting someone else, or some aspect of God which is everything. If a prayer doesn’t manifest there is a possibility it is not meant to be and not truly a part of the Divine Plan for you.

The next law deals with the need for perseverance. On this earthly plane of reality the space is slowed down so we may practice these laws. In the higher dimensions of reality things manifest instantly. We are on this plane of existence to prove our mastery of these laws so we won’t create havoc on the higher planes. […]

This law deals with the understanding of not limiting how the manifestation will occur. If you are trying to manifest money, don’t think or imagine it as only coming from working, for example. Maybe it will come from the lottery, or an inheritance, or you will find it, or someone will give you money. […]

This law deals with the ability to receive as well as give in life. I know a lot of spiritual people who are great givers, but do not know how to receive. They are offered a gift and they say, “no, I can’t accept this” and they have just blocked their abundance. This is an essential part of having prosperity consciousness.

Another extremely important law is that of gratitude. To be humble and thankful for the abundance that God has bestowed upon us, to be thankful to God, the soul, the Ascended Masters, the subconscious mind, the angels, the nature spirits, for all the wonderful work they do for us. Make every day a thanksgiving holiday.

This next law was made famous by Edgar Cayce, when he said, “Why worry when you can pray?” Own your own power and affirm and visualize anything you want into reality any time you want. If you are starting to worry it is time to get back to your spiritual practices of proper manifestation. If you continue to worry you might just manifest what you are worrying about.

The next law is the understanding that you cannot fail. […] To manifest efficiently we must own our full personal power and will in conjunction with unconditional love, and the fact that we are God in action. To have all, give all to all. This is a law of manifestation made known in the “Course in Miracles”. We must learn to receive, but we also must learn to give to manifest effectively. We must keep our abundance in circulation. When we become selfish and stingy, and stop giving then the universe becomes selfish, stingy, and stops giving to us. When we stop giving to the all, which is God, our pipes get clogged and we are not able to receive as much. The idea is to keep giving which allows us to receive even more, which keeps the abundance circulation factor flowing.

This next law of manifestation deals with the importance of being vigilant over your speech. The power of your spoken word is even more powerful than the thoughts you allow to run through your mind. Every word you speak is a decree and fiat of manifestation. Just because you are not focusing on your manifestation work doesn’t mean that you are not doing manifestation work.

This next law of manifestation has to do with wording your affirmations and prayers with positive language instead of language with negative words and imagery. For example, if you want to heal a broken leg it would be better to phrase your affirmation and prayer without saying, “I am now healing my broken leg.” It would be better to say, “My leg is now powerful, healed and whole.” The reference to the negative image can have a negative affect on the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has no reasoning and will manifest anything that is put into it. There is a danger here of giving it a double message. […]

The new law is that of enthusiasm. When you do you manifestation work be enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm is part of the previous law of building vital force, and also is incorporating your emotional body in the manifestation work which will make the manifestation happen 1000 times quicker. The emotional body is connected to the subconscious mind, and nothing will manifest unless the subconscious mind is involved in the process. The subconscious mind is a real powerhouse.

The next law of manifestation deals with the understanding that, in truth, there is just one universal subconscious mind. We each focalize an aspect of this mind, while simultaneously we are connected to this universal mind, or as Jung called it, “the collective unconscious. This understanding and awareness in your manifestation work, again, gets rid of the belief in separation that can slow down manifestation.

The next law deals with the understanding that the only block to manifestation is your own thinking, and imaging. If you master your thinking and imaging and hence feeling body, then nothing can stop the manifestation from occurring.

Forgiveness is the next key law of manifestation. Be sure you have forgiven all people, situations, and your own self before beginning your manifestation work. If lack of forgiveness is involved, this builds guilt and other psychic blocks that make the subconscious mind not cooperate in the prayer process and affirmation work.

Another key to manifestation work is self-love. If you have lack of self-love, this manifests as getting down on yourself, lack of self-worth, and feeling undeserving. This undeserving faulty belief is again putting out a double message. If this is a lesson for you, seriously study the chapter in this book on “How to Achieve the Christ Consciousness”.

The next law deals with the importance of not overpraying or underpraying. Some people pray too much which is a sign of lack of faith. In reality, once is enough. If, however, worry and doubt is beginning to set in, there is nothing wrong with repeating your prayer to re-solidify your faith. There is a balance to achieve in this regard that is unique and specific to each individual.

Another law of manifestation is the importance of writing your prayers and affirmations down on paper. The act of physically doing this serves as a stronger message to your subconscious mind than just thinking your prayers, or saying them out loud. the subconscious mind is more greatly influenced when some kind of physical action is taking place.

Another law of manifestation is to do your manifesting work whenever in a state of meditation, or in an altered state of consciousness. At these times you are in a state of hypnosis which allows suggestions to get into the subconscious mind much easier. A good time to do manifestation work is just as you are falling asleep at night, and when you are just waking up in the morning. In hypnosis this is called the hypnotic state. It is the twilight state between sleep and waking.

The next law of manifestation is to not talk about your manifestation work. This is not a hard and fast rule, however, very often talking with friends or people about what you are trying to manifest can dissipate the energy. There is also the negative reaction that often comes from people who you may have to fight off and try to prevent from getting into your conscious and subconscious mind. (See chapter on Psychic Self Defense.)

The next law of manifestation is the importance of being around a positive environment and positive people. Until one achieves self-mastery this is the single most important fact on one’s spiritual path. In manifestation work you are trying to hold a certain thought form, energy and vibration. You want to be around people who support this process. Being around negative people and negative environments tends to, over time, deplete one’s energies physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and hence make it more difficult to hold the vibration.

The next law of manifestation is that you are and have everything already. Since you are God, Christ, the Buddha, the Atma and the Eternal Self, the Monad, the soul, in truth everything is yours just like everything is God’s. This has always been the case, however it is difficult for us to own this because we are so used to believing the ego’s interpretation of ourselves that tells us we are just a physical body, a personality, and are separate from creation. If we truly held this truth that we are the Eternal Self then all our thoughts would stem from this basic understanding, which would then mean that everything we need would manifest whenever we need it.

The next law is to only ask for what you truly need. If the ego becomes involved and starts asking for things you don’t really need, then the prayer request is coming from glamour. This will sabotage your manifestation. Learn to rely solely on God and God’s laws for your abundance, and prosperity. God, your personal power, and the power of your subconscious mind are an unbeatable team. When this is the case your security is inside of yourself instead of outside of yourself. No matter what happens in your outside, in terms of disasters of one sort of another, you always know that you can manifest whatever you need with God’s help, your will, and the power of your subconscious mind.

The next law deals with a method of prayer that was developed by the Kahunas of Hawaii. In the Kahuna system of prayer all three minds are utilized. Their method is to write your prayer down on a piece of paper very specifically, and with lots of colorful imagery. When you have the prayer worded and imaged in a way that you feel good about, then say it three times out loud, addressing the prayer to God, your Higher Self, and whom ever else. After saying the prayer three times, then command, in a powerful but loving way, your subconscious mind to take the prayer to your Higher Self. Visualize this happening like the Old Faithful Geyser, shooting up into the air through your crown chakra. Then forget about the prayer and do whatever you need to do on a conscious and subconscious level to manifest the prayer. In other words, all three minds are working together in perfect harmony, synchrony and balance. One thing I forgot to mention is to build up your vital force and energy before you begin the prayer process, and do it with enthusiasm when you begin. […]

The next law deals with the importance of using all five of your senses when visualizing what you want to manifest. See it, hear it, taste it, touch it, and smell it. Make your visualization so real that this meditation reality is just as real or more real than your physical life reality. When the visualization is done in this way you are assured of success. […]

The key law of prayer is that you must ask for help to receive it. If you don’t ask for help your Higher Self and the Ascended Masters and angels are not allowed to help. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened. If you don’t ask, God doesn’t help. This is the law.

The law of the subconscious mind is just the opposite of the previous law. You must tell the subconscious mind what to do, and give it suggestions. If you don’t give it suggestions, affirmations, visualizations and computer programs, then it will manifest whatever happens to be in its computer banks already, and it will manifest what you allow other people to put into your computer and/or subconscious mind.

This next law deals with the physical level of manifestation. Just because we are working with prayer and affirmation and visualization, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to do physical work for a living. We will have to make phone calls, stay organized, and do our physical work. The attitude of this work from the soul’s perspective is, however, that our work is our service to God and that true pleasure is serving God. Once we achieve some level of self-realization there is no other reason to be here except to be of service to humanity which is God. […]

The new law deals with the importance of taking good care of that which we manifest. If we manifest a car and don’t take care of it, then we are not deserving in truth of the manifestation on the physical level. All levels need to be in alignment or manifestation can be blocked.

This next law deals with what abundance really is. True abundance is not having everything, but rather being a source through which that which is needed can manifest. It is being at one with the essence behind and within all things.

This law of manifestation deals with the need for self-discipline. There is no way you can learn to manifest effectively without this quality. One must learn to discipline their mind, emotions, body, and their consciousness to hold the proper vibration and atunement to the soul. One must have self-discipline so as to not let the lower self infiltrate the mind with its doubts and fears. Having discipline gives us consistency. It allows us to stay continually in the light, joy positivity, love, and to maintain an unceasing abundant consciousness. […]

This law of manifestation is one of absolutely essential importance. After praying accept your prayer as answered. You have followed all the universal laws and principles of manifestation. You have fulfilled the law. Don’t just believe that it is answered, rather “know” that it has been answered with every cell, molecule, and atom of your being. It is done. It is finished. So be it, for you have decreed it to be so. Your work is God made manifest. You are God, and you are one with God. You have fulfilled the law so how can your prayer not be made manifest.

This last law of manifestation is the law of tithing. The law of tithing has to do also with the law of seed money. The universal law states that if you give one tenth of your income to a charitable or beneficial cause you will receive a tenfold return on your generosity. This law is working with the law of karma, which states that which you sow you reap, what you put out comes back to you. The giving of a tithe and/or seed money keeps the energy of money in circulation. If you are stingy with the universe which is God, then the universe and God will be stingy with you. If you are generous with the universe then the universe by law, will be generous with you.” – Excerpt from Dr. Joshua David Stone, “Soul Psychology”

Personal Review of some of the Laws

When I read these laws and practiced them, I figured out, that some were easy for me to practice, some I had completely forgotten about and others were really difficult for me to put into practice. The first law really struck me. I did already a couple of these things but with no clear indication that I intuitively used manifestation methods on these three levels. Using them consciously together was a key for me here.

One law, that many people are having a difficult time with, is trusting, that your manifestation will come about. This faith is something that comes with experience and having faith is a real gift. This connects directly to owning your personal power and always keeping your thoughts, emotions and actions positive. This is why I think manifestation work is spiritual work – you have to remain a master of your thoughts all the time. Trusting and giving your manifestation time gives you an excellent opportunity to review your motivation and to make sure that it is for the highest benefit of all.

The most important point for me is, that when you are doing the manifestation work, do it with a joyful heart! Many people forget to enjoy the time until the manifestation is demonstrated in the physical world. It is not only about the manifestation but also about your emotional experience until it comes about. You can enjoy and be grateful for everything that you already have. If you master yourself by owning your personal power and loving yourself 100% and know that you are 100% worthy, then the manifestation work becomes fun. The manifestation itself is no longer the reason for you to be happy –  because you are already happy within. Your manifestation becomes a preference for you in life and is no longer an attachment. When you have already mastered yourself, the manifestation just comes as an additional blessing.

All the joy you crave for is in you. But, like  a man who has vast riches in the iron chest but who has no idea where the key is, you suffer. Hear properly the instructions, dwell upon them in  the silence of meditation, practice what has been made clear therein; then, you can secure the key, open the chest, and be rich in joy – Sathya Sai Baba

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  1. Dr. Joshua David Stone in  “Beyond Ascension”, p. 145