What detoxification has to do with being free

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“When you know what the real thing is, whether it is in health, in love, in friendship, or joy, you don’t fuss around anymore with imitations.” Natalia Rose in her PhDetox Course at DetoxTheWorld

I love this quote from Natalia. Once you know true joy, health and happiness, there is no way that you would choose the old way consciously and go back to a false stimulation-driven life style, that so many of us lead.

A dear friend of mine told me “For every false stimulation you will pay at some point” and I know, she is right. I experienced that already too many times myself.

Most of us are addicted to certain adrenaline kicks (which can also come from food) as we are not used to simply being with ourselves anymore, and deriving joy, peace and happiness from within. If you would be in awareness that you are already all of this you would be like a magnet, drawing all the good stuff in the outer world to you.

Society as a whole (not individuals, it’s more the established patterns) is not interested in raising conscious, self-sufficient individuals, who’s main aim it is to be independent, healthy and happy. It doesn’t pay.

But: Your own authentic self knows how to care of itself with simple means. You just have to practice to listen to it again.

Expensive products are not required to be healthy; just a fresh, green, tasty salad or a green juice, and forget about the vitamin pills and all the other products.

Join me for my “Prana and Detox Seminar” which uncovers step by step the universal laws of how the body works, so that you live your daily life with life-generating habits, which are in sync with the laws of the body and thus generate health and happiness, easily and with fun.

This method from Natalia Rose also takes into consideration your own personal health history, so that you are at all times at the right transformation pace for you.

It is not about detoxing for one week, it is a seminar about introducing you to a life long journey of reversing the damage and arriving to your true authentic health again.

External stimulation has its worth for sometime, but once you get on the right track, it just doesn’t have anything to offer you anymore.

It is difficult to imagine how it is on the other side, but only in walking the way you will find out, how it is to be free from fears of dis-ease and how it is to live in a healthy body.

Yoga is a way of action, so it is so nice to combine the principles of yoga to transform your mind to make it our servant instead of our master in the area of nutrition and detoxification. Yogis were often feared by society, they were free. Nobody could tell them what to do.

You can still participate in society, but you can do it your way; a healthy, happy way, unimpressed by all the negativity all around.

Once you know the natural laws and stick to them, the whole journey gets a certain momentum.

Because you know you are in a healthy body, and you can continue to transform it, you are empowered to care for yourself in the best possible way.

This is what Cristina writes about the seminar, participant of the seminar in Berlin: “I took part in Sandra’s seminar in Berlin and it was a wonderful experience. Even if it was about detoxifying, I could say it provided me with 3 Es (the postive ones): Enriching, Enlightening and very Enjoyable. Sandra gave useful tips about leading a healthy life-style in all 3 areas: mind, body and soul. Information was combined with practice, such as yoga, meditation and dancing. Personal advice was added to the whole. Sandra is an example herself of a healthy life style, as she shows it through her vitality, skin and body condition. An example to follow! I am totally committed in having such a life-style myself as well, as it brings the long desired life force and well-being. I fully recommend Sandra as a consultant in nutrition and healthy-life style.”

Benefits of the seminar for you:

  • You experienced yoga kriyas, pranayama and meditation and know how to apply them for you
  • You know the cause of dis-ease, how to remove it and how to step into EASE and freedom
  • You know how to build your own detoxification plan in your own pace
  • You know how to deal with common ideas of society
  • You know how to stay in a self-loving place no matter what your old habits were

About me: I am a Rose Program Certified Counselor and I am consulting clients in Zürich and internationally via Skype. I just started to do the seminars, as a means to distribute the knowledge to bigger groups and in a comprehensive one-day seminar. As I am also a yoga teacher I love to set up the seminar in a way that you will gain energy while being in it. So we will have elements in the seminar, which work on body, mind and spirit.

The workshop details:

  • When: Sunday, 23.6.2013, 9am to 4pm (6 hours seminar, 1 hour lunch break)
  • Where: Yoganation, Seefeldstrasse 7a, 8008 Zürich
  • Cost: 197 CHF, registration valid upon payment
  • What to bring: Comfortable clothes, a pen (we will do just some gentle breathing exercises also for beginners, no yoga postures); you will be provided with a script

Click here to register and pay: https://sandragrosshealing.com/20130623detox or email me directly: simplyloveyoga@gmail.com

Please share with anybody for whom this could be of any benefit, thank you so much!

Love and peace,