06.02.2016: Yoga & Nutrition Workshop – Feel and look great

Come and join us for a 3 hour yoga & nutrition workshop. This workshop is for all levels. It is for everyone, who wants to feel more relaxed, healthy and confident about his food choices and cleansing routines. Learn how to eat well & cleanse with ease.

When: Saturday, 6th of February, 2010 from 2 – 5 pm
Where: YogaNation, Seefeldstrasse 7a, 8008 Zürich
What: A seminar with yoga and about healthy eating and cleansing. The price includes a script.
Price: CHF 90 per person
Language: Depending on the seminar participants either English or German

What you will learn:

  • You will learn how to eat healthy and how to cleanse gently over a long period of time and yet systematically and effectively.
  • You will learn how to establish healthy eating habits and how to deal with every-day situations
  • You will learn how you can experience healthy eating as a spiritual process, aligning body, mind and soul.

Your benefits of the workshop are:

  • You will feel energized and relaxed with the yoga practice at the beginning.
  • You receive valuable information about nutrition and cleansing, all that you can do in your own home with ease.
  • You receive a script with the basic nutrition principles and delicious recipes.
  • When you apply the healthy eating & cleansing principles in your life you will feel more energized on a daily basis, feel more joy in life, drop those last pounds, get a clearer, healthier skin and have a sure tool to use to cleanse continually and with joy.

About the nutrition & cleansing method:

  • iStock_000021060092LargeThe seminar will dive into how to use green juices in your daily routine and how to eat vegetable-centric. It is recommended to invest in a juicer, but you can also follow its guidelines without juicing.
  • You can do the method as a vegetarian and as a non-vegetarian. The suggestions of the course will emphasize vegetarian choices. The method in itself is universal.
  • The method is fine for people, who eat cooked meals and raw meals. The recommendations in the course will lead you to conscious choices when to eat raw and when cooked and knowing exactly why.

About the workshop leader:
Sandra Veronika Gross is a yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance International (500 hours) and a Rose Program Certified Counselor of Detox The World by Natalia Rose. She also works with the method “dynamics of healing” by Malcolm Southwood and provides a holistic view on yoga and nutrition.