10.06.2017: Lifestyle & Cleansing Detox Workshop

Learn how to make cleansing your lifestyle and feel at ease with your body. Being too occupied with our bodies doesn’t leave enough space for your creativity and doing what you really want to do in your life.

The workshop will be in German. For the German description see below the German flyer. If you want to come to an English workshop, please email me; we will set up a new date for the English speaking people. 

This workshop includes (but more subjects than the following will be covered!):

  • Rejuvenating and uplifting yoga session at the beginning of the day and a relaxing session with restorative yoga in the afternoon
  • Learn how to lose weight and improve your health in a intelligent way; we focus on how to remove waste from your body as waste equals weight
  • Learn how to get rid of noxious gases and see how your figure and muscle tone transforms to a more contracted but still juicy shape
  • Learn how to starve pathogens in your body and see how your addictions go
  • Learn how to cleanse heavy metals, radiation and chemicals from your body and help your hormone system to balance
  • Learn how to deal with social conditioning and follow your own path as a self-reliant, joyous person, who feels an inner lightness and acts with integrity
  • Learn how to awaken and release not only physical blockages in your body but also inner blockages (e.g. emotional) to gain your power back
  • Learn how to transition safely from the mainstream way of eating and exercising to the fully cleansed being that you wish to become!
  • The workshop is suited for everyone! No matter, if you have done already yoga or not, how your eating habits are right now, which life-generating and which acidic substances you are consuming and what kind of detox practices you already have. There is something in for every level of cleansing.

Venue: YogaNation, Seefeldstrasse 7a, 8008 Zürich

Cost: 180 CHF including script

Register: please register here directly or email sandragrosshealing@gmail.com to book your spot

What to bring: comfortable yoga clothes, a pen and some paper if you want to take notes

Language of the workshop: English and/or German, depending on the participants


  • 10am – 1pm: 1. session (yoga & the cleansing detox lifestyle)
  • 1pm – 2pm: Lunch break
  • 2pm – 5pm: 2. session (yoga & the cleansing detox lifestyle)

About the seminar leader Sandra Gross:

Sandra was trained by Natalia Rose from the Natalia Rose Institute in New York in detoxification and cleansing and is working as a Rose Certified Counselor with clients in Zürich. She is yoga teacher, qualified by the International Yoga Alliance (500 hours). She is on the detox lifestyle as Natalia teaches it for seven years now and tried so many other paths before that didn’t work long term and didn’t have the same effect as the path she is on now. She graduated from NRI in 2013 and is doing regular further education in that field.

Flyer in German: