How to Cleanse Right with Ease and Joy

The word “detox” or “cleanse” is everywhere nowadays. So-called “detox”-products appear in yoga shops, in health stores and expensive detox-retreats are offered for high prices. What are these offerings worth and do you really have to spend so much money on detox-products and offerings?

Instead of thinking of “having to cleanse once a year”, why not adopting a healthy lifestyle with grace and ease that will make these offerings superfluously? They would just be an enjoyable add-on to your lifestyle without depending on them and spending so much money on them.

So what does “detox” or “cleansing” really mean? Some authors differ with the wording of “detox” and “cleansing” what you are eliminating from your body, e.g. detox would be to eliminate toxins that are already in your body e.g. chemicals or cigarette residue versus cleansing which is eliminating harmful food substances from your diet such as refined sugar or alcohol. With the method I am going to write about you will see that detoxing and cleansing will go hand in hand if done correctly.

If you cleanse and detox your vitality will rise. Prof. Dr. Arnold Ehret defines vitality as: Vitality = Power (life force energy) – Obstructions (blockages in your body). For many people it is sufficient to lower their obstructions in their body to feel already more youthful and at ease with their health. The more you remove obstructions and increase the intake of prana (life force energy) the more you will feel at ease with your body and your life.

The method that I learned from Natalia Rose at the Natalia Rose Institute in New York gives a step by step plan of how you release toxins in your body and flush them out on a daily basis. Your main tool is having a green juice in the morning on an empty stomach, having a salad- and veggie-centric diet, use right food combinations and detox tools to flush the toxins and waste matter out of your body.

People are advised to introduce changes over the course of many weeks instead of rushing things as it is often the case in detox-retreats. You want to step up your choices in an unthreatening manner and be comfortable with new choices before going on to the next upgrade. In this way you are always only removing so many toxins and waste matter out of your system as you are able to remove it with your detox tools. Detox tools are for instance enemas, colonics, dry brushing or infrared sauna. If you loosen up toxins and waste matter in your body faster than you are able to bring them out of your body you will have typical detox-symptoms such as headaches or skin breakouts. Instead of going too fast you awake only as much waste matter out of your cells as you are able to release.

If you are interested in the method, I am consulting on cleansing in private sessions for your individual needs and desires and also have a virtual cleansing course which will give you information, delicious recipes, gentle assignments and weekly reminders for one month. If you want to start your cleansing journey by a good read I recommend books from Natalia Rose, Dr. Norman Walker or Prof. Dr. Arnold Ehret. Mr. Ehret especially describes the vitality principle and the mini-fastening (a practice that advanced detoxers trained by Natalia Rose are doing) and why it is effective. From Natalia I recommend to start with the two books “The Raw Detox Diet” (also for non-vegetarians) and “Detox4Women” (also for men).

For the months April and May 2017 I offer two different packages of individual yoga sessions and the virtual online cleansing course for a reduced price. Click here to see the packages to jump-start your summer. Wishing you all best on your journey to more joy and ease towards summer.