13.01.2024: Seminar about Unconditional Self-Love (in person or online)

Experience in this seminar how you can cultivate unconditional self-love. The seminar consists of three parts: first, through building a loving relationship with your inner child, second by being your authentic self, and third by stepping into your personal power.

You can choose attending the seminar either in person in Zürich on Saturday, 13th of January 2024 or as three parts online via Zoom on Tuesday evenings (9., 16. & 23.1.2023).

Part 1: This seminar is designed to help you heal wounds from the past that might have originated from your childhood. I will guide you through meditative practices aimed at healing situations from your past. Following this, an inner child healing session aims to mend the most crucial relationship in your life: the one with yourself. Unconditional self-love is rooted in the understanding of spiritual love. Not everyone experienced spiritual love in their lives, and in this workshop we take the responsibility as adults to care for our inner child and build this unconditional love with self.

Part 2: The core principle of this workshop is recognizing your worthiness of unconditional love and acknowledging your inherent loveliness, simply by being yourself. We are all sons and daughters of the Divine, and the Divine makes no mistakes. The second part of the seminar is about being your authentic self.

Part 3: By embracing this unconditional love for your inner child and being authentic, you step into your personal power. You will learn about your Higher Self, the conscious self and the subconscious mind, and how they play together. Creating harmony between them will give you the means to develop your personal power in an authentic way and shape the course of your life according to your lifeplan. 

Option 1: Seminar in Zurich, near Kreuzplatz (in person):
When: Saturday, 13.01.2024 from 10 am to 1 pm
Where: 8032 Zurich, near Kreuzplatz
Cost: CHF 90 for the workshop on site (minimum 5 people)
Registration: Please click below on the button register or send me an email

Online Seminar in January 2024
When: 3 Tuesday evenings 09., 16. & 23.01.2024 from 7pm to 8:30pm
Where: Online Seminar via Zoom
Cost: 47 CHF each single session; all three combined 120 CHF 
Registration: Please click below on the button for the online seminar or send me an email; you receive the link upon payment

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