17.09.2013 – 03.10.2013: Morning Yoga for Peace, Joy and Balance

Come and join us for a 3-week workshop, designed to set the tone for the day. What a difference it can make to consciously create a positive start to your day!

How you start your day makes such a huge impact on how it is going to evolve. You can do everything that we will do in the course on the other days on your own at home.

This course is a package, 2 times a week in the course of 3 weeks, so that you can maintain your vibrational well-being. 

What you can expect:

  • You receive tools, which I build up over the course of the 3 weeks with you: meditation, cleansing and breathing exercises (kriyas and pranayama). There will be one element of meditation and kriyas which is stable throughout the whole 6 sessions. These practices prepare you to begin your day from a relaxed and centered place.
  • We will continue to add new practices; yoga postures, laughter yoga, dance, inspirational concepts, and tips for creating a healthy lifestyle. We will discuss nutrition, how to eat healthily at your workplace and you will receive some wonderful, delicious recipes!
  • After the course is complete, you can continue incorporating these practices into your daily life, so that you can benefit by creating simple and pleasing rituals to enhance your peace, joy, and balance.

Beginners and all levels are welcome to attend. There is something for everyone!

When and where:
Every Tuesday and Thursday morning starting 17.09.2013 from 7 – 8 am at Yoganation, Seefeldstrasse 7a, 8008 Zürich:

  • 1. week: 17.09. / 19.09.2013
  • 2. week: 24.09. / 26.09.2013
  • 3. week: 01.10. / 03.10.2013

CHF 180 for all 6 sessions together, only bookable as a package. If you bring one or more friends it is 150 CHF for each one of you.

Register & Pay:
Please register until Friday, 13.9.2013. Please feel free to share this invitation with your friends.

This workshop is moved to 27.10.2013 from 9 – 12 am at YogaNation.