31.05.2013: Movie screening “Guerrilla Midwife” with Sandra Gross in Berlin

Movie screening “Guerrilla Midwife”

An impressive documentary about Robin Lim from Bali, who won the CNN Hero Award for her work as a midwife for her project in 2011

Friday, 31 May 2013, 6 – 7:30pm

Robin Lim is a midwife in Bali and educates women as midwives. She accompanies women and their families before and during the birth process. In addition to the conditions in Indonesia, the movie shows across cultures, how families can make the birth of their youngest consciously and lovingly. It shows, how giving birth influences the ability to love of the newborn later in life. This is valid in Eastern and in Western families. The women in the movie are also helping others all around the world.

“A revolution will occur in our vision of violence when the birth process comes to be seen as the most critical moment in the development of the capacity to love.” Michel Odent, M.D.

“Healing the world one baby at a time” Ibu Robin Lim

Movie trailer:


Voluntary donation for the room rent and the project in Bali; recommended are 10 €


DEINraum, Knaackstrasse 5, 10405 Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, Deutschland


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