01.06.2013: Seminar “Build your intelligent detox routine, which is fun!” with Sandra Gross in Berlin

Learn to build your own detox routine for daily life, that is intelligent and fun!

The word “detox” is everywhere – but what does it exactly mean, and what is toxicity and detoxifying scientifically and practically speaking?

Do the same rules apply to everyone, or are there differences, depending on the individual history and eating habits?

How does the body work, so that you know exactly how to build your own individual diet and how you establish a detox routine, that is fun.

The goal is to remove effectively and efficiently your blockages in your system so that your vitality rises, and so that you don’t experience any detox symptoms.

The formula «Vitality = Power – Obstructions» from Arnold Ehret is one of the basic concepts of the work. The method teaches how to remove the blockages and thus increase our vitality in our own pace.

You will also learn why many health-conscious people who live e.g. vegan, still have problems, for example with gases, and how to avoid them. It is about having foods in proper combination.

Then you have the key, which food to choose and when to eat it. So you can also include non-optimal foods until you are ready to skip them.

The cleaner you get, and the more you are living already in a clean-celled body, the higher the percentage of green juices and raw food in your diet will and can be.

Schedule for the one-day-seminar on Saturday, 8am-3pm:

  • Part 1: Breathing and cleansing practices from yoga: Kriyas and pranayama, followed by a short break
  • Part 2: What is toxicity and what is detoxification?
  • Break for lunch
  • Part 3: How do I establish a detox routine, so that my vitality increases? How do I determine my own personal detox pace?

The aim is to increase your vitality, and to experience and enjoy the  positive impact it has on all areas of your life: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Private sessions, Saturday, June 1st, 2013, 4-7:30pm

You are welcome to register for a private consultations with Sandra Gross for detoxing, nutrition and healing after the seminar. Further consultations after the initial consultation, or for people who cannot be in Berlin, I run by Skype.

Benefits from the seminar and the private sessions

  • You will have experienced kriyas and pranayamas from yoga and gained experience how they direct your life force.
  • You will know the cause of illnesses, and how you can protect yourself.
  • You will be able to put together your own detox plan and adjust it to your daily habits.
  • You will know how to remove blockages in your system and how to increase your vitality.

Movie screening of «Guerrilla Midwife» on Friday, 31st of May

You are also welcome to the movie screening the night before, on Friday, 31.5.2013 from 6pm to 7:30pm at DEINraum, Knaackstr. 5, 10405 Berlin. It is a project about midwives and their work in Bali. The donations you give on that night are for covering the room cost that night and go then completely to Bumi Sehat, the project in Bali.


Seminar title: Build your intelligent detox routine, which is fun!
Leader of the seminar: Sandra Gross
Language: German and English
For whom: Beginners and advanced students
Date: 01.06.2013 seminar; 31.5.2013 movie screening (extra event the evening before)
Time: Seminar: 8am-3pm
Private sessions: 4pm-7:30pm (60 minutes)
Private sessions via Skype: day and time individually (60 minutes)
Venue: DEINraum, Knaackstrasse 5, 10405 Berlin, Germany
Price: Seminar: EUR 90 EUR; 80 EUR if you register and pay until 18.5.2013
Private sessions: EUR 120
Movie screening: Donation for the project in Bali, recommended are EUR 10
Flyer: Link to flyer: Flyer in English


Please register by sending me an email. You will receive a reply via email to your reservation(s) within one day. You will receive the payment information via bank transfer or a PayPal request depending on your preferences. To secure your place your registration is valid upon receipt of payment.

Upon registration you will receive a questionnaire about your current diet and detoxification routine. It is ok, if you don’t have one yet. You can fill out the questionnaire voluntarily and I treat the information confidentially. It helps me to prepare the seminar according to the interests of the participants. For a more detailed individual feedback to the questionnaire you are welcome to book a private consultation.

The film evening is free and you can make a donation for the project in Bali. Recommended are EUR 10. The money is for covering the room cost and the rest goes directly to the project Bumi Sehat in Nyuh Kuning. Please register also for the movie screening for planning purposes. Thank you very much!

Venue: DEINraum in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

Knaackstrasse 5
DE-10405 Berlin

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