How to get productive from a calm space

Note on this newsletter

I wanted so much to write a new article for this newsletter, and for this newsletter I skip. It seems that the themes of my workshops appear in a very high potential load before I teach it, although I went through it before, as otherwise I wouldn’t have come up with the workshop at Sunday, 3.6.2012.

I already watched that several other times. So that I go through the emotions, solve it, and then teach it in more depth.

Anyway, my next workshop is about judgement, and the flyer itself was easily done. Just a couple of hours, and it was a creative, joyful process. THEN: … Every single newsletter of about hundred (slight exaggeration) that I wrote since finishing the flyer for the self-judgement/self-love-flyer were not good enough.

Hello self-judgment, hello ego, who wants to know what others are thinking of me (especially as I got so nice feedback from you about the last newsletter about destressing and changing habits, thank you!!), etc. You see, this is very much not being centered and sharing from inside.

So, be couragous, if you come in such a state, great sentences were in my situation:

Even though I didn’t finish this newsletter, and even though I think I should have finished it already a week ago, I allow myself wanting it to be finished.

Even though I want to be centered and peaceful, and just can’t be it now, I allow myself to be in this state of distress.

It is only temporary, and it doesn’t define me. I am so much more than these thoughts and feelings.

Maybe I can give myself this cozy feeling of acknowledgement and security, rather than seeking it from an outside source.

Every time I allow myself to feel what I feel, I keep on learning how to give to myself instead of judging myself. This opens up the door to peace, and clarity.

I have this kind of self-talk from Havi Brooks and her destuckification station. I can highly recommend it. It is a great product, and ALL its money worth. I am working with it already for many years. You can use her method completely on your own.

Another great sentence, which always works for me is:

Even if I would never finish this newsletter, and even if I would never teach another yoga class again in my life, the world would keep revolving. :-) :-) :-)

Guess what happened now, you have a newsletter, and a workshop flyer now ;-)

Much Love to everyone,



  • Yoga Workshop: Self-Judgment and Self-Love at Yoganation, 03. June 2012, 12:30-3:30pm, Flyer (English): Self-Judgment, and Self-Love, Flyer (German): Selbstkritik und Selbstliebe
  • Yoga Workshop: Change your Daily Habits with Yoga: Please contact me if you are interested. A couple of people couldn’t make it at 1st April 2012, and I am going to repeat it with a group of at least 6 people. When you write me, we will find a date then together. Flyer: Change your Daily Habits with Yoga – Curiously, playfully, and joyfully.
  • Yoganation, Yoga and Dance: Every Friday, 6-7pm
  • Yoga-Joy, Hatha Yoga: Monday, 8:15-9:30pm


  • For individual yoga or coaching sessions (also via skype), please contact me, more information on my website.
  • I am going to be on television: Friday, 27. April 2012 at 6:30pm on TeleZuri. A friend of mine is a video journalist, and she asked me, if I wanted to be a model for a report about the photographer Adriana Tripa  It was so much fun to do the thing, and I was allowed to say, that I am working in business, and as a yoga teacher. It is so important, I think, that yoga is an attitude in everything we do, be it in business, at home, or on the mat.