Movie Recommendation: “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”

At the Zürich Film Festival Mr. Al Gore came to introduce his new movie “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”. I was so impressed by his speech in the podium discussion and also by his movie that was shown later this evening.

Instead of learning through more pain, we should learn by inspiration. We strengthen that what we resist and oppose (Almine). So instead of blaming others for what went wrong on our planet or waiting too long before we act, the goal must be to have a clear view of the situation, feel the pain and then quickly moving on to rightful action.

This movie just does this. It shows clearly where we stand today, inspires by showing what has already been accomplished and it shows how everyone can be a part of the solution. One big part in the movie was about changing to renewable energies. It shows how these technologies become more efficient, cheaper and how their production provides more and more workplaces all over the world. Here you can find more about his project.

Yoga provides the tools for seeing clearly and being courageous. If you choose the right attitudes for you and your life and make your decision based on them, your acting becomes fearless and shows your highest values. One of such values could be asking before acting: “Is this what I am going to do life-enhancing or life-deteriorating?”

As within so without. I once read a quote of Sai Baba (but cannot find it anymore) that earthquakes mirror our chaotic way of thinking and thereby not being in control of our emotions anymore. Practicing yoga or any other discipline to have a greater perspective in life and for life as well as reducing your stress will not only help you in your personal life but also the planet. The calmer we are the more power we have to change something for the better.

Mr. Al Gore was so respectful towards anyone who plays a role in the field of environmental change. Instead of blaming opposing groups he rather seeks to convince them by facts and reason, providing education, listening to them and working on the solution. His talk was surely a great message of hope and a call to act. The movie also shows how seemingly unconnected areas in the political field are connected to climate change.

The earth is our home. Even though we are here only for a short time, we can accomplish a lot to clean up recent mistakes and live consciously in the moment with great respect to nature and all life. Caring for the earth in your daily life can be done from a spirit of service and an uplifting level of consciousness, seeing the interconnectedness of all life, being inspired and being an inspiration to others.