Movie Recommendation: “This is it” by Michael Jackson

The Movie

I love Michael Jackson. I am seeing this divine Love in him. Before my vacation, and also in Bali, I have watched this wonderful film of the making and rehearsals of his last concert “This is it”. The movie touched my heart, you can get the whole 2 hours from iTunes, or get an impression by watching the movie’s trailer.

What is Progress?

I think, if we become more lovingly, more compassionate over time. The more we connect to inside, the more natural this Love comes out of us, without effort.

Michael in my eyes was so humble, joyful, skilled, and engaging in this video. I had the feeling, he went through all kind of emotions on our human scale, like me :-). You should see, how he treats his musicians, and dancers, and how he is concerned about people, and earth.

This vacation I only listened to MJ’s music, and loved all music, text, and spirit of it.

Thank you, Michael