Release, forgive, and be happy – a spiritual View on Forgiveness

Lots of Love and Light for you! Coming closer to the holiday season with meeting family and friends I want to draw your attention to a topic that rightly done can draw a lot of happiness, light and lightness into your life: forgiveness.

The Course in Miracles, a course of how to re-train your mind to be happy, states: “Forgiveness is the key to happiness.”. Miracles are shifts in perception, when you switch from a negative thought to a positive one. Dr. Joshua David Stone says, that forgiveness is to realize that mistakes are positive and teaching devices. When you forgive other people, you are not doing it for them; you are doing it for yourself. What requires forgiveness is your misinterpretation of the situation by not seeing it as a opportunity for growth, and by forgetting that there is a difference between a person and a person’s behavior.

Babaji, a great yoga teacher, says, that forgiving is not coming from a point of view that I am right and that the other person is wrong, but rather from the realization that love is missing in the given situation. He says life is for giving love. This is the true meaning of forgiving. Babaji also teaches, that we are in truth beings far more than our bodies so that in truth we cannot be hurt. By stating in your meditation for yourself at home, that the other person cannot hurt you and forgiving them, you come back into your own power.

I am leading a Meditation & Study Circle, starting 04.12.2014, which is based on Course in Miracles and related teachings. It takes place in Zürich with meditations and the study of texts also from other spiritual paths. The Yoga Sutras, for example, also have the concept of seeing the opposite of the thought that is troubling you. The different spiritual paths mostly have in their original form the same essence. We will meditate, discuss, share our insights, and most importantly practice. Please contact me, if you are interested and want to join. Click here to find more information about the Meditation & Study Circle.

Lots of Love,