Yoga and Connection: The Connection with Yourself

5 inspirational thoughts about relationships from a spiritual perspective:

  1. The most important relationship is always the relationship with yourself. Yoga says, that the One created many just for his own pleasure to experience the Many. By loving yourself unconditionally you are loving all of creation. If you love yourself unconditionally, you know how to love others unconditionally, too. A good start is always to accept and to love you just as you are right now.
  2. This friendship with yourself has the same qualities as any other relationship. These are trust, happiness, sharing, making time for alone-time, honoring your feelings, humor and a deep knowingness of the love inside of you. You are the only one who is constantly with you. All others are with you in moments. “You don’t see yourself with your eyes, yet you know that you exist.” – Swami Rama
  3. Imagine what the world would look like if children would be raised from the beginning in the consciousness that they are loved for whom they are and not for what they do. Being happy and loved is your birthright. Everyone deserves a joyful life just because of who he or she – is.
  4. This friendship with yourself allows that you feel never alone. You are your own light, which nourishes you.
  5. From this place of friendship, love and peace with yourself it is lovely, fruitful, joyful and wonderful to connect with others. Cultivate all the loving qualities of your “first” connection with yourself also with others, stay centered and enjoy your time together.

Yoga can make you very aware of your connection to yourself and offers a lot of tools to joyfully live this relationship.