The “Love Connection” Meditation by Roger G. Lanphear

This article will give you an overview about the meditation “The Love Connection” from Roger G. Lanphear. The author has a juris doctor degree, is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and has written several books. His most comprehensive course is “Unified” (the German title is “Kurs zum Selbst”) in which he describes how to connect to your Higher Self, connect to the Unified Field, embody your best qualities that you already have and co-create with Life.

The “Love Connection” meditation is described in most of his eight books and can be also used on its own. This meditation which can be practiced anywhere and anytime, is one of his most simple meditations and yet is very powerful. I have been using this easy and sweet meditation already for several years. Maybe you will also find it highly beneficial for your life.

The Love Connection by Roger G. Lanphear

Giving and Receiving Love and Heart

Without any special agenda, visualize one or more people and think with feeling these four sentences:

I give you my love;

I give you my heart;

I receive your love;

I receive your heart. 

Whenever you want to neutralize stress or feel the connection to someone you can use this meditation. It works like this:

  1. We are all already embodying our best qualities: These qualities are love, light, happiness, joy and bliss, all-knowing intelligence, presence, perfection, peace and gentleness, infinitive energy, abundance, ability to be without judgement and timelessness. When we are too much in our mind or feel stressed by our emotions we forget who we are. These four sentences bring back the remembrance.
  2. We are all connected to everyone else by the Unified Field: Whenever we speak those four sentences they will ripple through the field and reach their destination. They will also remind the person or the situation that they are already the above qualities, all facets of love.
  3. This meditation balances sending and receiving: Usually similar meditations only send love but do not emphasize the receiving part.
  4. Divine energy is flowing through you: You can think of it as if divine energy is flowing through you and you are receiving divine energy back. It can even happen simultaneously. In this way it is not “your” love that is depleted from you. And you won’t have the feeling you are receiving something from someone else that is not yours. It is simply heart loving energy flowing through you and the people, situations and places that you visualize.
  5. Whenever we send love to someone it is always their free will if they want to accept it or not. Subconsciously they will know what is happening and they have the choice to participate or not.
  6. At the core of their being every one is love: Someone who may not be nice to you still embodies the qualities of above; this meditation strengthens his subconscious remembrance of them and they can flow to you through this person as well.

Here are some examples of when to use the meditation. Mr. Lanphear changed the name sometime for specific purposes throughout his books, but the basic technique stays the same, speaking the four sentences with feeling and visualizing, with whomever you want to experience the exchange of love.

  • Stress or problems with someone: Whenever you feel stress in a situation or with other people this will neutralize stress or to solve problems. Visualize the person you are having a problem with and speak and feel the four sentences. All illusionary problems will fall away. Seeing clearly and finding a resolution will be much easier.
  • Relationship to yourself: To feel the connection to yourself, imagine and visualize yourself and do the four sentences with your name. Feel how this feels.
  • Relationship with your body: Speak those sentences to your body and feel your connection to your body. Your body is your best friend and your ally. This meditation will greatly enhance your gratefulness and enhance your health.
  • Relationship with someone you love: With no agenda (wanting something back) speak those four sentences. Don’t tell this person. When you feel your love connection it will probably feel unique as each relationship has its own frequency.
  • To find your perfect partner: Speak with the intention that these four sentences reach your perfect partner. Speak them with feeling and trust that they will be directed to the right person for you.
  • To neutralize stressful emotions: Speak those sentences to an emotion that feels stressful to you. You might be angry so you can speak them to your anger. The dysfunctional aspects of your anger will be dissolved and the positive aspect of your anger will remain. Then you will find a solution much easier and act upon it with a clear head. In each emotion is a lesson or a message. You can also speak those sentences to fear, sadness, etc.

These are just examples with people and emotions. You can also use this meditation with situations, organizations, countries or whatever comes to your mind. Make up your own variation and have some fun!

All Love,