06.04.2019: Yin & Yang Yoga Workshop for Harmony and Peace

Welcome to the Yin & Yang Yoga Workshop for Harmony and Peace

When: Saturday, 6.4.2019 from 10am to 1pm

Where: YogaNation, Seefeldstr. 7a, 8008 Zürich

What to expect:  Experience harmony through yin & yang yoga. We explore yin yoga with longer holds of the yoga positions and a yang flow which is powerful and energizing.

Explore the two different energies within yourself: With yin yoga the focus is inward, practicing yin qualities such as openness, receiving, developing attitudes of attentiveness and kindness and being present with your sensations and emotions. Yin yoga is soft and still strong as you develop the capability to be with what is and being fully present before mindfully making choices of change. We will have a look into Divine Female qualities and how to cultivate them. With yang yoga come into your energetic and dynamic flow. It is an active practice and cultivates the yang qualities within you such as strength, ability to commit and putting all your energy into one thing, brightness, positivity and putting steps towards your heart’s desires into practice.

Both energies are always present within yourself: They are supporting each other and both fulfill their functions. Become aware in this workshop of those polarities, learn how to embody a specific quality consciously and enjoy the harmonizing of those two instead of seeing them as oppositions. Find out how coming back into the perfect balance for you improves your wellbeing and happiness. A women, for instance, who is constantly in her yang energy can feel very tired whereas practicing yin qualities in daily life will leave her energized and happy to be creative and fully engaged in life. The female energy has to feel good first in order to do good. The masculine energy has to do good in order to feel good. Become aware of those two and how they can work together as a team.

We finish with a guided meditation to balance yin (female) and yang (male) qualities within yourself. This perfect combination of yin and yang create relaxation, harmony and inner peace within your body, mind and soul.

For whom: This workshop is suited for all levels, beginners are welcome. Language will be German and/or English.

Price: CHF 90

Register: You are welcome to sign up via email: Sandra