Workshops and one easy instruction to meditate

Yoga Workshop about Self-Judgment and Self-Love on Sunday, 3rd June, 2012 about a happy relationship with ourselves 

What we think about ourselves radiates out, so unfortunately also our judgements radiate and draw that kind of experiences to us, that we don’t want to have. With yoga we will center, discover hidden judgments, accept us with all our good and bad, and become clear about what we really want for ourselves. When we can accept ourselves and others exactly the way that we are then we draw the situations and people into our lives that reflect this attitude back to us.

I learned a lot about this, when I was last year in Bali, and in the training with my Indonesian yoga teacher Pak Kadek Suambara. Since I went through the process myself so much changed in my life for the better, and I would love to share this in the workshop, so that everyone can experience himself.

There is still place available for my upcoming workshop at Sunday, 3rd June 2012, 12:30-3:30pm, price 80,- CHF. To register, or for any questions please email me:

Click here for the flyer in English: Flyer in englisch

Group classes and more

Having been on TV… 

I had fun at the beginning of April, my friend Regina Castelberg asked me if I want to be in a TV report about Adriana Tripa, a business photographer: adrianetripa.chI could say, that I am in business, and teaching yoga. I think it is so important to see the both worlds as one, and not separate.

It was broadcasted Friday, 27. April 2012, 6:30pm at TeleZuri. Here I uploaded the file, so that you can see it:

Simple instruction to meditate in a joyous way 

My ayurvedic doctor Constanz Kiffmeyer, who publishes all his wonderful methods on his website about the magical gap, explains meditating like this

  1. Our intention is to be happy for no reason
  2. We need to do nothing for it, no effort
  3. Everything that comes up, we watch with a sympathetic and benevolent disinterest

I love this instruction. Before I meditate, I repeat these three steps silently, and then I just watch. Often I teach sitting like this in my classes. Just try yourself. Please email me if you have any questions with that.

Much Love to everyone,