A couple of things about self-love, and relationships

Last weekend 14 wonderful people came to my yoga workshop «Self-judgment and Self-Love», thank you so much. The workshop was greatly inspired by my Indonesian yoga teacher Pak Kadek Suambara from Nyuh Kuning, in Bali.

We had a close look on accepting us where we are right now, and on our relationships with our parents.

Why with our parents? They are the first relationship usually, that we have besides with ourselves. If we can accept them, just exactly how they are, with all their «good» sides, and their «bad» sides, then we can also accept ourselves exactly as we are, with our «good» sides, and our «bad» sides.

If we reject them, or us, it really doesn’t make any difference. Once we reject we are in a rejection-frequency, and according to the law of resonance, we attract in the outside world experiences, which will probably reflect us back rejection-experiences.

Accepting them or others just as they are, still allows us to set borders, and to be clear about what we want, and what we don’t want.

Taking the pressure off of wanting them to change “for the better” and allowing them to be the way they want to be, releases us from the conflict.

Then we’re able to have a clear view about what’s working and not working in the relationship. We then can make choices about the borders we set and how we engage with them. Now turn it around to us. If we can be the compassionate watcher about our own behaviors, we can see, what works for us, and what doesn’t work for us. It turns us from a judging person with expectations (which are always burdens) of the other or with ourselves into a human being, who is in contact with what he/she wants. This gives us the ability to make conscious changes, and begin communicating with others in a conscious way.

Observing and not reacting anymore to the things that don’t work for you allow you to let go of the pressure to change someone or something.

This new perspective will give you the ability to accept and just be yourself. The very act of noticing where you are is such an act of self-love!

You will still notice feelings, and sometimes resistance but just relax and notice it and allow it to go through you. Don’t resist the attitudes, judgments or resistance. Notice it and don’t add your mind or a story to it and it will eventually pass. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’re able to move through your feelings. The clarity that follows gives you enough power to change.

If you need some comfort: Just listen to «Let it be» :-) Click here for the link on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajCYQL8ouqw

Or tell yourself the sentence «I surrender to myself»… it works great for me :-) . This sentence comes from a recording from Lee Harris.

So, what about the light heart? Summarized all above, if you practice to accept others just how they are, and to accept yourself just how you are (even when you are judging yourself, don’t judge yourself for judging yourself), let the feelings pass through, and focus on what you want.

We are already everything in ourselves. We can give us ourselves the feelings of security, love, compassion, all this. In just noticing what is going on, this is already such a great act of self-love, so that the neediness goes out of relationships, and we can turn to a happy, light and enjoying kind of communication with others and ourselves.

If you add gratitude and acknowledgement for yourself and others, you will be in a really nice frequency, which will just draw towards you even the things in the outside world, that you are feeling happy with.

So, my workshop was all about letting go of our judgments, and how to deepen our self-love with yoga, understanding, and emotion cleansing.

I was so touched by the trust and openess to experience something new of these wonderful people coming to my workshop last week.

If you would like to have an experience of changes and powerful transformations for yourself and offer it to your clientele or friends or family I’m offering to teach this in other cities. Please contact me if you’re curious about bringing this course to your hometown.