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Detoxify, be happy, feel more vital, that’s what’s most of us want. But how can you do this systematically and efficiently, and above all without stress, and in a way that it is fun and joy?

You probably already do a lot during the day to detoxify without consciously calling it “detoxification”. Take a walk in nature, a calm moment at a lake, a breath of fresh air, a fresh, huge salad, or a clear glass of spring water for instance. Your happy rebounding on a trampoline.

The goal is to be happier and more secure and at ease in your own body, and to enjoy it more!

Your body is your best friend, so you do detoxifying as an act of self-love, you do it for your body (not, because you compare yourself with someone else).

The key to more energy and joy

In every form of life, the life force energy or prana (as called in yoga) is present. Prana is the force in each substance, the life-giving force in your body, the life-giving principle. Elisabeth Haich and Selvarajan Yesudian write in their book “Yoga und Sport” the following about prana (look at the German text to read the exact quote): They write, that every force is based on prana. Without prana there is no life. Prana is found in the air, but it is not the air. It is found in water, but it is not water. Water just consists of substances that are able to carry prana. Later they write that our bodies with millions and millions of molecules and atoms and also animals and even the largest solar systems would be solely dead matter without prana.

Thus, the aim of detoxification is, that prana can flow freely in your body, and in your whole system, so that you are in a state of EASE and WELL-BEING.

Kriyas, pranayama, vayus and meditation: The yoga kriyas, vayus, and pranayama are simple cleansing, prana guiding and breathing excersices to take more prana into your system, to hold more prana over time, and to cleanse your system. Practitioners often feel happy and balanced afterwards. The nice thing is: Everyone can do these exercises, also beginners.

In my detox seminars I teach traditional kriyas (as I studied them with Stephen Thomas), the 10 vayus (as I studied them with Orit Sen-Gupta) and meditation as part of the whole detox lifestyle. They have an influence on multiple layers in your system (physical, mentally, spiritually).

Something about the vayus: Vayu is Sanskrit and means “wind”. The wind was in many religions worshipped as God, and for a good reason, as it is very powerful. Just think about it, the wind is not seen directly, but it moves water, transports pollen and is the essence of mighty storms.

Yawning is one of the ten vayus that Orit is teaching. It controls one external body function, the contraction of the face muscles. This is active relaxation. Yawning is also said to increase blood circulation and stretch some joints and tendons. Mostly, people are more relaxed and in a calmer state of mind after yawning. So it is very thought detoxifying, too.

When you yawn consciously you can focus your thoughts even more onto your body. The body is always in the here and now. Did you ever put your attention to the fact, if you yawn more on your right face side, or on your left side of your face? Can you yawn with both sides evenly? What kind of effect has that on you when you try?

The vayus are described in detail in Orit Sen Gupta’s wonderful book “The Vayu’ Gate: Yoga and the Ten Vital Winds”. There you also find a description, how you can include the vayus in your asana practice (yoga postures) and what subtle effect they have on the poses. The vayus are also part of my detox seminars. They are so easy to learn and have such a huge impact. People just feel good when doing them.

Now to the subject of nutrition: The method of DetoxTheWorld and Natalia Rose, which I teach in my detox seminars, is very down to earth, easily applicable in a busy life, and operates outside the labels “vegan”, “raw food”, “normal diet” or whatever other classifications are outside there.

It is important to understand (a) how the laws of the body funtion concerning prana, and how to prepare the body to conduct and increase more life force energy, and (b) where you stand now with your lifestyle and diet, and (c) what the next logical improvement step is for you.

For someone, who lives mostly on “junk food” it is already a huge step to reduce some food items in their daily diet, substitute some foods, and to combine foods properly. Someone else who is already further along the way, could be thinking about how he can increase his share of raw food from 85% to 90%.

In both cases, the progress is important, not perfection!

Real foods for humans are water containing and alkaline foods in their raw state or the juice from them. These are salads, fruits, vegetables, vegetable juices and mother’s milk. Prana is also present in sunlight and water.

Nota bene: Fruits are nowadays for most people critical because most people have inside their bodies yeast and fungus. One well-known species of this is candida. We call this at DetoxTheWorld “yeast monster.” When you start the detoxifying lifestyle, the yeast monster is typically awaken, and then you have to control it, which means eliminate it. It feeds on sugar (of whatever type) and of estrogens, not only on the body’s own, but of that which is contained in plastic and many other environmental toxins.

Back to a customized diet plan: To improve your diet plan it is also important to know how emotionally bound you are to a substance, for example to sugar. The higher the emotional attachment to a substance, the easier you should plan the transition. The transition should still be efficient.

In my seminars and in my detox consultations I also keep in mind what I have learned from Malcolm Southwood about the subconscious mind and how it works. The goal is to make the unconscious conscious, so that you can engage it for the right strategy for you.

Tools for detoxification in everyday life: If you improve your diet, you must ensure that you effectively remove the dissolved toxins and waste from your body. Without the elimination detoxification is no real detoxification. Dissolved toxins and waste only circulate in the blood and attach themselves again. This can be very dangerous.

This is why an efficient elimination of waste and toxins with enemas and colon hydro therapy are necessities in a detoxification plan. In the seminar I explain exactly how this works and how you can do it in the most efficient way. There are also other detoxification tools, if you don’t want to use these ones, but enemas and colon hydros are the most efficient tools, and you have just to adjust your detoxification pace if you wouldn’t want to use them. Often I hear the biggest doubts about these tools and I’ll explain why this is highly recommended in our society today. Your detoxification rate may only be as fast as you can to bring the waste out your body. Otherwise, you are too fast, you get detox symptoms and your process is not efficient.

These are only excerpts from the methods I teach at the one-day detox seminars and what I am myself applying successfully for years now.

Summarized again:

The goal of detoxification is that your prana flows better in your system and that you feel the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle on all areas of life: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Your benefits from a one-day seminar or/and individual coaching sessions are:

  • You have learned the benefits of yoga kriyas, pranayama and meditation and know how to use it.
  • You know the cause of diseases and how to protect yourself effectively.
  • You can put together your own long-term detoxification plan according to your lifestyle and know how to gently change your habits.
  • You know how to remove obstructions in your system and increase your vitality.

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