Book Tip: “May Cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Bernstein

May-Cause-MiraclesMy book tip for you today is “May Cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Bernstein. It gives you a short spiritual practice for each morning and evening for 40 days and summarizes the core principles of the Course in Miracles.

The main goals of the Course in Miracles are just as in the yoga of the mind: The Course in Miracles is a training for one whole year with daily lessons to find inner peace.

Gerald G. Jempolski summarizes the goals beautifully in his book “Good-bye to Guilt” (his books are also highly recommended to read):

  • Letting go of guilt and fear through forgiveness
  • Having peace of mind as your only goal
  • Listen to your inner voice as a guide for directions and decision-making

A miracle is an internal shift in perception. It is choosing a more loving thought than a fear-based thought. It leaves you relieved and happy.

According to the Course, you feel guilty when you are disconnected from your inner voice. To neutralize the feeling of guilt the negative ego chooses feelings and thoughts of denial, which then result in thoughts of attack towards oneself and others. The solution is to turn your attention back inwards, towards your inner guide. This understanding is greatly helpful when it comes to overcoming searching happiness in the outside world and overcoming addictions by realizing that you are whole and complete already.

Gabrielle Bernstein laid that process out beautifully in her book. It is available in German and in English. It is the Course of Miracles in a nutshell. Each day you concentrate on a different practice:

  • Monday: Witness your thoughts
  • Tuesday: Surrender your thoughts to your inner guide
  • Wednesday: Shift your perspective
  • Thursday: Be grateful
  • Friday: Forgive and choose love instead
  • Saturday: Become miracle-minded, trust
  • Sunday: Reflect your week and prepare for the coming week

Let me know, how you experienced the 6-week practices! When you want to practice the principles of the Course in Miracles in a group, join us for the Study & Meditation Group, starting 04.12.2014 in Zürich. We will also have a look into other spiritual concepts and practices.