Book Tip “You and Your Mobile Home” & Healing Session Examples

Today I would love to introduce you to a book by Malcolm S. Southwood that I love. I studied with Malcolm S. Southwood healing therapy in Basel and practice his methods. His book describes part of his work and gives you an insight about what it is about.

“This highly recommended book, ‘You and Your Mobile Home’, is a fascinating insight into the dynamics of health and happiness through belief and emotion. Malcolm S. Southwood has, after almost 40 years of practical and spiritual experience, managed to find a balance between spiritual insight and medical fact. (…) Malcolm S. Southwood is an acclaimed international healer, public speaker, author and teacher. Born in England in 1940, he spent the early part of his life in agricultural management and business in many parts of the world. Southwood became aware of his healing gift in 1982 and has helped over 30,000 people since that time with emotional or physical problems in America, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.” – from the book cover

This article wants to give you two examples, what the problems of a client can be that originate from his subconscious mind. It also talks about how a healing session would address them.

About the birth process

I wanted to introduce you to one therapy that I do in my healing therapy sessions that many people would benefit from. The birthing process and the resulting problems from it as well as the correction are described in detail in Malcolm Southwood’s book. Here, you can read about the symptoms that result from the type of birth people have. In correcting a not optimal birth process you will feel lighter and happier in your life.

Usually, it takes about 7 hours for a normal birth to take place. This is the time the soul needs to completely ground in the baby and to use up all instinct energy that is needed for the birth for mother and baby. The baby feels safe and secure in the mother. It is an instinct energy that causes baby to struggle to get out of mother and mother to push. This instinct energy lets the baby struggle free although it is a frightening experience to leave his/her safe home. Without this instinct energy there would be no need for baby to leave this home.

Symptoms of a fast birth

Typically, a person with a fast birth (Caesarean section or a birth that took less than 6-7 hours) could develop later in life the following symptoms (they are in detail described in Malcolm Southwood’s book “Your mobile Home”). The reason is in short, that the instinct energy was not fully used up for the birth and still lingers in the person’s body, even after birth:

  • Nighttime asthma and other breathing problems

  • Neck pain or headaches

  • Inner restlessness and restless legs

  • Phobias (unexplainable fears) of tunnels, small places, and heights

  • Relationship problems (cannot get too close and pushing people away)

  • Need of movement

  • Food allergies such as milk, gluten, nuts, cereal products, etc.

  • Fear of dying

  • Not grounded and poor concentration

  • As a kid fell a lot and was drawn to fall into water or to fall somewhere down

  • Narrow shoulders and / or hollow chest

  • Dreams with a fear of dying, falling

  • Dreams of waters and houses

  • Bed wetting

Symptoms of a slow birth

A person with a too slow birth (more than 7 hours up to 24 hours) uses up the instinct energy and can be  full of fear and/or anger because of a traumatic birth. As the baby needed a long time to get out the fear could still be stored in his body, causing one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulties in concentration

  • Impatience and aggression towards others, e.g. when queuing

  • Swallowing difficulties and coughing, breathing problems

  • Phobias such as claustrophobia, fear of being trapped or confined in a small place

  • Self-injury, e.g. cutting in teenagers

  • Bed wetting

  • Psoriasis and other eczema

  • Often people with heavy and strong shoulders and thick neck muscles

  • They often feel under pressure everywhere, at work, from their partner, parents, etc.

The symptoms can appear all at once or at different stages in your life if you had a difficult birth. There are other types of births with different symptoms, e.g. too early births. If you have a kid with one or more symptoms of above, it’s possible to correct that type of birth in a very playful manner. For an adult in a session, we would go through the birth in a meditative state and replace the original video of the birth with a birth with perfect timing. In this way there is later no need to play out unused instinct energy later or to “protect” yourself with phobias or other symptoms. Often healing and undoing of all symptoms can initiated in one session.

Of course, those symptoms can also come from other causes. But if you have several of them at once, or your child, you could have an interesting conversation with your family about your birth and find out what happened. In a healing session, this birth can be corrected in a meditative state for adults or in a playful way for kids.

Emotional Causes of Illnesses and Problems

Sometimes people have illnesses or problems and don’t know the cause of the problem. Often the emotional cause can be found in an event that happened to the client as a child. It doesn’t have to be a big trauma; small ones can be sufficient to experience a not explainable fear or stress later in life.

It starts with guilt

Imagine a child that does something, and it goes wrong. It happens all the time and usually it is no big deal. But if something goes wrong and it is really frightened and someone else (usually an adult) tells him to be quiet and it’s his own fault, there is a problem. Instead of releasing fear, pain and shock in the moment, those are stored in the body and the kid feels guilty. It only wants to be loved, so it keeps quiet and forgets about the incident. This is not to put blame on the parent or adult, maybe he was shocked in that moment, too.

Later in life as a teenager or as an adult, something happens that the subconscious is reminded of that situation that person had as a kid. This is the trigger. It wants to protect the person and so it invents a protection mechanism that might have worked in the original situation but not now anymore. Suddenly the person has a problem.

For instance, a boy fell down a tree as a kid and broke an arm. But instead of releasing shock and fear the mother told him that he shouldn’t have climbed the tree and that it’s his own fault. Later in life he develops an allergy against this particular tree as a warning of the subconscious to approach it. The man doesn’t remember the original event as a kid, as he doesn’t want to be reminded of the guilt that led to keeping all the shock and fear inside.

In a healing session we would take all the guilt out of the situation and in a meditative state the client remembers himself what happened to him. Then there are spiritual healing methods to remove the cause of the problem by correcting what happened when someone was young. In the case with the tree the client would imagine how he went as an adult into the inner scene, hugged his little boy and gave him all the love that little boy needed at that time. Also, all the shock and fear will be released. The client will leave the session happier and feeling lighter.

The allergy was just one example for problems that can occur because of the feeling of guilt and suppressed shock, fear, and pain later in life. Other symptoms maybe a fear of heights, eating disorders, back pain, chronic tiredness, panic attacks, not being able to sleep without light, coughing, and so much more. My teacher Malcolm once said: Guilt should be the top number one enemy of the FBI :).

If you have kids and something happens, hug them, tell them that you love them, no matter what they did and let them release all that shock and fear in the moment. Tell them everything is alright and it’s not their fault. If they did really something wrong, they can think about it but come back 15 minutes later, still hug them and tell them that you love them no matter what they did, and let them release their fear and their shock. Kids only want to be loved.

Other reasons for a healing session

Other reasons for a healing session could be:

  • Other problems based on not optimal birth, e.g. Postpartum Depression

  • Conditions based on emotional causes, such as panic attacks, postural problems, eating disorders, phobias, allergies, back pain, chronic tiredness, etc.

  • Physical conditions such as pain, stress, migraines, whiplash, tinnitus, etc.

  • Elimination of unwanted and foreign energies

  • Retrieving soul energy after the end of a partnership

  • Burn-out therapy and stress management

  • Problems based on past life (occurs not very often)

The sessions

The sessions consist of three parts: first we sit down and talk about your problem; think of one before you come to the session. Second, we go back to the cause of the problem and third, we do the spiritual healing. After a healing session you will feel changed. Something lifted, fear, shock and guilt will be removed. All these feelings are not who we are. A healing session can contribute to having more energy for the things in life you love and wish for in your heart.

I am renting Aisha’s Lüke’s wonderful practice and yoga room close to Kreuzplatz and am taking clients for my in-person sessions there mainly on Saturdays. The address is Klosbachstrasse 7, 8032 Zürich. Before a session, just think of a challenge that you have in life (physically or emotionally) that you would love to have a healing session about. One healing session lasts 45 minutes and it 150 CHF. To book a session please email me.


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