The Significance of Truthfulness: The Yogic Princip​le of Satya

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One of the core principles of yoga is Satya. Satya means truth and can also be translated as essence. In Indian religions, it refers to being truthful in one’s thought, speech and action. If you would want to live only one virtue in your life yogic philosophy says that this one principle would lead to all the other virtues.

Truth seems such a significant principle in our time. When weighing all the opinions we hear, it is important to ask: what is your truth? What feels right for you in your gut? Does your truth resonate in your heart? Is it a truth that contributes to peace? Does your truth enhance empathy and compassion for others?

This closely connects to the insight that everyone has his own individual essence and his own individual truth. Union consciousness is like a garden. The garden is all one, but each flower, plant and tree has his own individual essence and truth contributing to the whole. With understanding, you can accept that everyone has his own truth and know that the differences (individuals) in union (the whole garden) are contributing to the whole.

We need truthfulness, because untruthfulness causes many interdependent fluctuations of the mind. For example, one lie causes more lies and disturbing feelings. It causes mental and emotional pressures and anguish. In order to live love and truthfulness, it is essential that you live a balanced life and know how to quiet the mind. Quieting the mind also leads to feeling your truth.

Someone, who is caught up in negativity cannot create something new. Negative thoughts and negativity will constrict and reduce life force energy. Positivity increases life force energy. First, become aware of the NOW and then use your positive imagination to create the world you would love to live in. You can easily feel in your body if something in your awareness complies to your inner truth or not. If it feels good in your gut it is true; if something you think or hear constricts your body, it cannot be your highest truth. Experiencing truth, you can probably breathe freely. But thinking of an untruth, a conscious breath probably feels restricted. My Ayurvedic doctor Constanz Kiffmeyer taught me this principle a few years ago and many other teachers teach it, too. 

In his book “Toth & The Keys to Atlantis” by Malcolm S. Southwood, he writes:

“Stay distant when you hear negativity, gossip and that which you know to be untrue. The Truth will shine for those with wisdom, while those clothed in false words will remain in the Dark.

If you should wander into the thoughts of negativity, the laws of truth and wisdom will avoid you. Only through the law of positive thought you will find freedom from Darkness. 

Be not the cause of fear, for fear binds men to the Darkness of Rebirth and you will be bound in the depth of darkness by the fear you have caused.

Follow your heart through every lifetime. To go against what you know to be right or true, is to injure your soul. Never go against your own integrity.

The only truth worth knowing is about yourself. The only truth you can change is your own.”

If you take these teachings and apply them to today’s world, we have to discern the truth from of all the information shared in the news, on the internet, and by friends and family. We are best served when we remember to go inside, digesting the received information first by feeling it in the body to determine if that piece of information rings true or not. According to these teachings you don’t have to persuade others of your truth. People caught in negativity will probably not be able to hear it anyway. Simply be your truth and use your positive imagination to create something new –  a world that is loving and peaceful.

P.S. I can highly recommend the above mentioned book. It describes in detail what happens when someone is caught in negativity and explains how to find the way back to a higher vibration.