18.05.2020 to 29.06.2020: Yoga Online Monday Series – Surrender, Trust & Accept for Inner Peace and Joy

Please join us for a Series of Zoom Yoga Classes during May and June 

Just as the lock-down loosens up and the new normal still feels different, we’ll focus in each class on a different aspect of well-being and yoga postures.

The classes are designed to lead you to inner security in uncertain times and to teach you spiritual principles along with the physical exercises.  And this will make the transition easy and fun. You can come for the whole series or just join for single sessions.

The whole series is building upon the Spiritual Teaching

“I Surrender. I Trust. I Accept.” by Phyllis Krystal

Often we want to control things that we cannot control. We can only get clear about what is good for us. Yoga helps us to release tension in body and mind. It helps us to see clearly, let go, act with power in the moment and surrender the outcome to a higher wisdom. Come and join us for this series of yoga classes that focuses on aligning with your inner intuition and your innate strength for right action. 

Come, get into the flow and find an inner sense of inner peace and joy in these uncertain times.

About the Yoga Classes

Every Monday Evening, starting 18 May, 2020 in the new format, 7 pm – 8 pm Swiss time. This class is for everyone, also for people new to yoga. All you need a yoga mat or a towel, comfortable clothes. If you have a yoga belt and blanket it would be nice, otherwise a towel or belt works fine as well (both optional)


  • 18.5.2020: Standing Poses & Grounding (Monday)
  • 25.5.2020: Forward Bends & Surrender (Monday)
  • 2.6.2020: Simple Backbends & Trust (Tuesday, Monday is a holiday)
  • 8.6.2020: Inversions and Shoulders & Acceptance (Monday)
  • 15.6.2020: Sitting Poses & Intuition (Monday)
  • 22.6.2020: Sun Salutations Variations & Flow and Gratitude (Monday)
  • 29.6.2020: Yoga & Yoga Nidra – Relaxation (Monday)


  • Click here to register for the whole series (108 CHF).
  • Click here to register for one session (20 CHF).
  • You receive the Zoom link after registration. If you haven’t installed Zoom yet, it is for free and you can download it here: zoom.us.
  • You can also send me an email to register.
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Sandra Veronika Gross is a healer, yoga teacher and medium. She helps people with a busy schedule to engage in a healthy lifestyle in their own pace to be full of joy, follow their intuition and experience inner peace.