Listen to A Meditation to Remove Fear in English and in German

The Star Meditation

For best quality please listen on speakers or headphones.

The meditation is by Phyllis Krystal. The speaker is Sandra Gross. The music is the beautiful track “3rd Chakra: E” by Steven Halpern from his CD “Chakra Suite”. I thank Raphael Paciorek for sound and editing.

Soundtrack: 3rd Chakra: E by Steven Halpern
Steven Halpern’s Inner Peace Music® (BMI)
Used by Permission.

Die Sternmeditation

Für die beste Qualität kannst Du diese Meditation auf Lautsprechern oder Kopfhörern hören.

Die Meditation ist von Phyllis Krystal. Die Sprecherin ist Sandra Gross. Die Musik in der Meditation ist das wunderschöne Stück zum dritten Chakra von Steven Halpern von seiner CD “Chakra Suite”. Ich danke Raphael Paciorek für Ton und Schnitt.

Soundtrack: 3rd Chakra: E by Steven Halpern
Steven Halpern’s Inner Peace Music® (BMI)
Used by Permission.

About the Meditations

This year, I am very happy to give you a meditation as my Christmas gift to you. It is the meditation by Phyllis Krystal to eliminate fear and anxiety, recorded in English and in German.

I chose the meditation to remove fear, as this is what many of us are experiencing right now, during the pandemic. There presently exists a huge collective fear, for many different reasons. The best way to alleviate this collective fear is to take care of your own fear, dissolving it so that you can feel at peace, after the meditation. From a feeling of inner peace choices might become clearer to you and you might treat yourself and others more lovingly.

Phyllis Krystal developed very effective, simple tools and meditations to free yourself from limitations, inner blocks and old behavioral patterns. They enable you to deal more easily with problems and challenges in your life. To learn more about her work please visit Phyllis Krystal’s website.

The music in the meditation is Steven Halpern’s beautiful track “3rd Chakra: E” from his CD “Chakra Suite”. I chose this track as the solar plexus, associated with the 3rd chakra. The 3rd chakra has a lot to do with fears and the feeling of powerlessness, when unbalanced. When balanced, you feel a healthy power, strength and energy. I highly recommend listening to his healing music:

I wish you peace, good health and happiness this holiday season. 

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Sandra Veronika Gross is an advanced yoga teacher and a Rose Program Certified Counselor for nutrition and detoxification. She helps people with a busy schedule to engage in a healthy life style in their own pace to be full of joy, follow their intuition and experience inner peace.