Relax into the question…

Last week-end I visited a yoga class here in Zurich with Stephen Thomas. I loved the theme of his class, he talked about the beauty of living the question and how we can relax into it.

Some thoughts of mine: Why always trying to figure out the answer? What a waste of energy! The real work is to be aware when the thoughts drift to figure out the solution, or, when we make up ways of how to control the situation.

Just be aware, and that’s enough, and that’s already the work.

How about simply being present, see clear, do what has to be done now at this very moment, and do it.  Clear mind, working for us, instead of against us.

Also, what about trust, surrender, and acceptance?

P.S. Malcolm Southwood, a healer in Basel, said, the ANSWER is there always FIRST, then we make up the question. Now, let that sink in…

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Sandra Veronika Gross is an advanced yoga teacher and a Rose Program Certified Counselor for nutrition and detoxification. She helps people with a busy schedule to engage in a healthy life style in their own pace to be full of joy, follow their intuition and experience inner peace.