How to set intentions and to follow them through with joy and ease

Best Wishes for 2014 and Beyond!

The New Year is a time of setting good intentions and imagining how you would really like your life to be.

Which role does joy play in yoga, and what are the means for accessing joy? 

In yoga, the basic concept is, that true Bliss is already WITHIN you. The ultimate goal of yoga is to bring you into awareness that you are one with bliss. It is your choice. Do you look outwards to be happy in the changing world or do you turn inwards to feel the happiness within? It is the picture of being the calm center in the eye of a storm. That’s when the magic happens. By being the calm center your world changes on the outside.

Using the image of the compass above, here are 4 easy steps to set it moving in the right direction.

  1. Be clear about where you want to go: What is your destination? What is it, that you really want in life that which keeps you moving? The big questions are sometimes difficult to answer such as “What is a fulfilling career for me right now?” Instead you can practice listening to your inner guidance system by asking questions. “What makes me happy now?”,  “What do I want to do now?” This leads you in baby steps your ideal life. 
  2. Once the travel arrow of the compass is set, do action steps NOW: Know, that each intention paired with the action results in a miracle: Intention + Action = Miracle. If you spend time with planning ahead, instead of living in the Now, you are probably not in a state of inner peace at the moment. If there is something off, have a look at the resistance to the thing you want to do immediately. Otherwise your subconscious will find ways to build more resistance. It is a loving thing to allow yourself your resistance while being aware of it. By the loving act of paying attention to your resistance and allowing it, it melts away. And you may even find out that your desire is something completely different.
  3. Returning home: The hero of all journeys usually leaves home to experience a lot of adventures, embraces his biggest fears and then finally comes home with a lot of new insights and experiences. Ultimately, all heroes return home. The journey only served the purpose to embrace your fears and areas of resistance. Know, that every experience in the outside world serves to get to know yourself better.
  4. While being on the journey and setting the compass new each moment: As you set the compass each moment, know that all your desires are already fulfilledinside you. You will then be sitting with the experience as if it is already yours. That what you feel is your magnet for that what has to manifest as a response to your feeling in the outside. Gregg Braden explains it wonderfully in this video. I love his work: He brings modern science with ancient teachings together: Link to a short YouTube-video with Gregg Braden.

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